5 Best LifeLock Alternatives For Identity Protection

5 Best LifeLock Alternatives For Identity Protection

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LifeLock is considered a popular choice when it comes to identity protection tool. However, not all of us have the same choice. If you are the ones who are looking for a tool to protect your digital identity other than LifeLock, then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we have listed some of the LifeLock alternatives, which will keep your identity safe from hackers and cyber-attacks. Read on!

Here is The List Of Best LifeLock Alternatives

1. Advanced Identity Protector:

Advanced Identity Protector lifelock alternative

Advanced Identity Protector is one of the best LifeLock competitors which keeps your digital identity safe. With Advanced Identity Protector on, all your confidential information such as username, passwords, social security number, credit card information and more are secure. This tool is developed by Systweak Software. It comes with a secret vault which enables a user to keep all the sensitive information in it. The software saved the scanned sensitive data automatically. Let’s look at the features of Advanced Identity Protector:

  • It stores all the identity traces such as passport details, social security number, credit card information and more.
  • It safeguards your emails ids, credit card information and login credentials.
  • It also acts as a password manager which enables you to save multiple passwords.

Advanced Identity Protector also protects you against online spying. The tool with scheduled scans adds an extra layer of security. The info. stored on secret vault is encrypted, hence can only be available for users. It also scans for all confidential information stored on your browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome. Read Full Review

2. Identity Force

Identity Force alternate of lifelock

Identity Force is a service like LifeLock which monitors your personal information, alerts you about threats, and protects you. Let’s check out the features of Identity Force:

  • The tool keeps an eye on your confidential information to identify the unauthorised selling of your personal and financial data.
  • The tool utilizes advanced identity theft protection technology to ensure your digital identity’s safety.
  • It also makes sure that your pin numbers, keystrokes, and credit card information are protected.

In case anything poses a risk to your personal information, then this alternative to LifeLock warns you, giving time to actively act upon it. The warning is sent on various devices such as your computer, smartphone and others.

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3. ID WatchDog

ID WatchDog alternate of lifelock

Similar to LifeLock, ID WatchDog protects your financial and personal information from identity theft.  Let’s look at the features of ID Watchdog:

  • According to the plan you purchase, the tool provides credit monitoring from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian:
  • The tool scans the forums, websites and chat rooms which are infamous for trading stolen personal and financial information illegally.
  • It scans for public records, licenses and certifications to identify the possibility of identity theft.

ID Watchdog has Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists who work on your case until it is resolved. The tool examines billions of data points and sends alerts as and when an update comes up.

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4. ProtectMyID by Experian

ProtectMyID by Experian lifelock alternative

Another LifeLock alternative, ProtectMyID by Experian is a tool which helps you protect your identity as it provides better control over credit data. It also provides alerts from identity thefts whenever required. Let’s take a look at the features of ProtectMyID by Experian:

  • With Experian Credit Report and FICO® Score, you can check negative and positive factors which could impact your score.
  • It keeps an eye on Dark Web along with proactive alerts and real-time identity theft monitoring.
  • It scans tons of data points and detects your valuable identity on Dark Web to check for signs for fraud.

Experian’s ProtectMyID provides an Identity Theft Resolution Agent to resolve your case if required. It comes with theft insurance coverage of $1 Million.

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5. IdentityProtect by Intelius

IdentityProtect by Intelius best lifelock alternative

Identity protect is one of the best LifeLock alternatives which provides you with instant credit score and detailed report. You can also view who is checking your credit report. Let’s check out the features of the IdentityProtect:

  • It keeps an eye and gives you updates related to the changes made in your credit report & public records.
  • It enables you to view and track credit score.
  • It sends you alerts if there are any signs of potential identity theft.

IdentityProtect comes with excellent 24*7 support by fraud resolution experts. It covers up till $1 million identity theft insurance and provides an identity recovery kit.

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So, this is the list of the tools which can be used as an alternative to LifeLock.We recommend you get a tool which has the potential to detect future threat and scams.

If you are worried about your identity traces and want to keep them save, choose any of the LifeLock Alternatives and protect your digital identity now.

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