Best Mac Mail Extensions to Manage Your Emails on Mac

Best Mac Mail Extensions to Manage Your Emails on Mac

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Undoubtedly, Mac OS X mail programs are bundled with all the basic email needs and functionalities. But, if you need more than just basic capabilities then what? Well, in such a case, switching to best Mac mail extensions is a good idea as it helps to manage your emails like a specialist. These small add-ons boost your productivity without occupying much space. They have a simple interface, innovative labels, multipurpose filters, enhanced security, new message notifications, and a lot more.

Here’s a quick list of best Mac mail extensions that will turn your Apple Mail into a pretty powerful email client. Check them out.

10 Best Mac Mail Extensions

1. Moom


Having trouble viewing content on your Mac? Use Moom one of the best Mac mail extensions to move and zoom windows with this nifty add-on. The extension offers a wide array of option, once you install it move your mouse over the green zoom button on any window and perform the following actions:

  • Move & Zoom to Full Screen
  • Move & Zoom to Left Half
  • Move & Zoom to Right Half
  • Move & Zoom to Top Half
  • Move & Zoom to Bottom Half
  • Revert to original dimensions

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Besides this, drag the half/width icons to zoom Quarter, drag those icons for multiple displays. Plus, use Grid to resize and move windows by dragging mouses across segments. You can even zoom windows more by dragging them to screen edges.

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2. MailSteward


MailSteward is the ultimate email manager and is bundled with umpteen features to make your mailing experience enjoyable. Using the add-on, you can archive emails from multiple accounts into a secure, single and searchable database. It has an easy-to-use interface and even imports and exports email from Postbox for Mac and Apple Mail. Besides this, the thing that makes MailSteward Pro best Mac mail extension is added enterprise-level support for MySQL and Amazon cloud Aurora DB.

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3. MailButler


Your personal assistant to manage your mails. It lets you add additional information to your emails by attaching notes, adding to-do items and reminders. You can even mark them as done once the task is completed. Besides, attach notes and tasks to outgoing emails, schedule emails to be sent later on a specific date and time. Additionally, get notified when a recipient opens your email, prepare template and save time, undo sent, attachment reminder, snooze and follow up reminder.

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4. MailTags


Fourth in the list is MailTags. This best Mac mail extension helps to organize messages by keywords, projects, importance, color, due data and more. You can create a rule to automatically assign tags to all incoming message, search mails via mail tags and tag old mails. MailTags display tags in both message list and full message view and it operates with a most IMAP server, Gmail servers, and Exchange servers.

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5. Mail Act-On

Mail Act-On

Effortlessly manage your emails with Mail Act-On. A popular Mac mail extension that offers powerful keystroke rules and message filing interface, allowing you to take quick actions on your mail. The plug-in manages your outbox rules, you can automatically CC or BCC messages depending on rule criteria. Even you can choose where to archive a mail while sending it and reply with the template to save time.

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6. SpamSieve


Keep your inbox spam-free with SpamSieve best Mac mail extension. A local spam filter that saves your time by filtering spams emails from almost all email clients for Mac. It uses Bayesian spam filtering to provide accurate results. It learns and adapts to your mails to block almost all the junk without messing with the good message. Plus, it automatically maintains a whitelist to make sure that previous interactions aren’t marked as spam. Besides this, you can quickly and easily control SpamSieve from within Apple Mail, Airmail, Entourage, MailMate, Mailsmith, Outlook, Postbox, PowerMail, and more. Additionally, it integrates with your contacts to put their messages directly in the inbox.

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7. MsgFiler


Declutter your inbox and save time with a keyboard-based email filing application MsgFiler. Just type to filter down the mailboxes and press return to file sorted messages in Mail. Navigate, select, move and copy mails without taking your hands off the keyboard. Say goodbye to dragging and dropping emails and say hello to more time by your side to do important work with this best Mac mail extension.

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8. DockStar


Keep an eye on your email messages with DockStar. This extension adds an extra badge to Mail’s dock icon thus helping you to sort unread messages from more than one mailbox.

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9. MailHub


A smart plug-in to revolutionize your email management. It intelligently learns as you work and keeps your email organized. Further, this best Mac mail extension allows user to set reminders on emails for easy follow-ups, auto file sent email to the mailbox and optionally fill the related inbox with sent message. Plus, it colors messages and swap to/from field for sent messages, creates a new mailbox when new filing category comes up. Preview changes before making them/undo changes as required.

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10. Herald


Go beyond Mac’s built-in notifications with Herald. It allows performing common actions directly from within the notification windows, including message deleting, replying to them and marking as read.  Besides this, Herald best Mac mail extension has a Message Grouping feature that helps to cut down on clutter and allows to read the full message by using scrollable window.

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These plugins will surely enhance your Apple Mail functionality and will make things easy. No need to remember when to reply or send an email using any of the extension and stay organized. Leave all your mail burden to these best Mac mail extensions and use your time on other more important things. All your mails organized, managed and synced at one place.

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