The Best Magnifying Glass Apps For Android

The Best Magnifying Glass Apps For Android

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Mobile phones are replacing so many gadgets or handy tools day by day and we are well aware of this fact, undoubtedly. And this time you do not need to buy a magnifying glass for focussed reading as the magnifier apps for Android use the phone’s in-built cameras smartly. These magnifying glass apps simply help in scanning the papers or documents in front of you and expand the texts on the screen.

Interestingly, some of these apps provide filters, reading lights, and such other things that are more fruitful rather than simple glasses. So let’s just go ahead with the best magnifying glass apps for your Android phone.

Top 8 Magnifying Glass Apps For Android

1. Magnifier+Flashlight

It is such a simple yet effective magnifier app for Android, to begin with, which lets your phone’s camera to magnify any object or text on the papers in front of you. Those who have weak eyes or are in their old age can definitely rely on it.


It features light mode and can capture functions as well. Moreover, the simple design and easy to navigate interface acts as a lead and does not confuse users at all.

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2. Magnifier & Microscope (Cozy)

This amazing magnifying glass app has loads of features like zoom-in, zoom-out, fine image microscope, LED flashlight, macro camera, image filters and much more. No need to use high-powered glasses as you can also freeze the picture stably before magnifying and reading it.

Magnifier & Microscope (Cozy)

Though the phone’s camera matters but the use of LED flashlight, zooming and saving the picture will help you in sorting everything.

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3. Magnifying Glass

One of the best magnifier app for Android is here which is capable of magnifying texts or objects clearly or easily. Read anything in dark light, be it medical bottle description or serial numbers, use of flashlight will work absolutely well with it.

Magnifying Glass

You can also use the app as a microscope, freeze the picture for details, add filters to protect eyes and work on various configurable settings on its easy interface.

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4. NowYouSee

If a colorblind person can enjoy the colors of his life with the use of a magnifying glass app, it is simply amazing for sure. Isn’t it? This is what NowYouSee is where you can select the picture from 6 correction filters, 3 simulation filters and it helps in showing real-time color conversion.


You can select the type of color blindness a person is having and leave rest on this efficient app.

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5. Reading Glasses

Lost your reading glasses or they just broke today? Relax, this magnifying glass app can take care of your needs at the moment. It supports focusing on objects and enlarging them without your efforts. Flashlight support, up to 5 times zoom in and still keeping the quality up to the standard is what Reading Glasses is known for.

Reading Glasses

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6. Vision Enhancer

As the name itself defines the app itself, Vision enhancer will make your Android phone into a magnifying glass by enlarging whatever you are looking at the screen. its interface is quite intuitive which makes its handling quite easy. This magnifier app also captures images and save them in your device at a specified location. Whenever you wish, just open the flashlight and read even in dark.Vision Enhancer

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7. Pro Magnifier

Pro magnifier claims its powerful zooming feature as one of the strongest when compared to the competitors. Even in the case of phone camera not supporting zoom, ‘Software Zoom’ allows it. Moreover, you get to enjoy magnifying power similar to the microscope using the phone’s back or selfie camera. Once captured, you can magnify the image, save and share it with your kin. This app also supports the latest Android Pie and Slices as well.

Pro Magnifier

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8. Magnifying Glass: Mega Zoom Camera

Turn your phone’s camera into a magnifier so as to recognize very small objects and view them even from a far distance. Using this magnifying glass app, view the picture and video quality very clearly. It has been liked and used by many people around the world for various purposes.

Magnifying glass

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Social fever

Along with this, magnifier apps for Android are no less than a bliss for all those who wish to dive in small details at the moment and your phone acts as a savior then and there. Pick any one of them that suits your requirements and download it today for free.

Tell us which of the above apps would you prefer to use and your experiences with any of them. You can suggest more and send us feedback in the comment section below. Do not forget to like and follow us on Facebook & Youtube for regular updates.

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