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There are many people who work in the public sector and interact with customers. For such hard-working individuals, it becomes very awkward to access their cell phones. There is also a chance of someone losing their cells and risk thieves accessing their data. Nowadays, it’s important to safeguard our online accounts and securing them. Top Password Managers are hence, a wise decision.

But, why are they so important? Simply because, using the same passwords on multiple accounts makes the user an easy target for cyber criminals. If any of our account gets hacked, cybercrooks can easily access all the other accounts. But, with password managers, one can create and store strong passwords for each account and securely store them under one roof. Passwords managers include tools like password generator that helps to create uncrackable passwords.

10 Best Password Manager Apps for Android

As security experts who are keenly interested in tools that secure information, we have listed down top 10 and best password managers for Android that are designed to securely save passwords and do many more things. Read on to know about them.

1. Password Manager SafeInCloud

SafeInCloud is one of the best password keepers we’ve come across in our research. It has plenty of features that effectively secure the user’s credentials. Some of the features of the app are as follows: –

  • Uses 256-bit AES type encryption to safeguard passwords
  • Lets users store and sync passwords to cloud services like OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive
  • Available as a desktop software that is compatible with macOS and Windows
  • Includes password generator that helps one generate strong passwords
  • User-friendly app
  • Login with fingerprint

Password Manager SafeInCloud is a great password manager with free subscription up to two weeks. It also offers in-app purchases, where one can upgrade to full version.

2. Enpass Password Manager

One of the best things about Enpass password manager is that it provides comparatively many features in its free version. Hence, many times, one doesn’t need to upgrade to a premium version app. Here are some of the highlighted features of the software: –

  • No sign-in process required to use the app. App can be managed via a master password
  • Can store passwords on a detached cloud service
  • Also supports popular cloud services such as DropBox, OneDrive and Google Drive
  • The package includes a browser and a password generator
  • Can save credit card details, license, financial notes and other secret information
  • Offers auto-lock security, autofill feature and fingerprint support

Enpass password manager is a great application that is available for Android. That said, it is also available for Mac, Windows, Blackberry and iOS. The only demerit is that the app lets the user save 20 passwords.

3. LastPass Password Manager

It’s next to impossible never coming across the name “LastPass Password Manager” while browsing online for the best password keeper. LastPass is one of the best password managers on Android and here are few interesting features about the software: –

  • Affordable premium version
  • No need to remember multiple passwords to access master vault. Efficiently access master vault with the help of a single powerful password
  • Offers Autofill feature and allows one to sync passwords across different devices
  • Supports password generation
  • Supports two-factor authentication, site sharing and logging

The application is also available for other platforms like Windows and iOS. It is arguably the best password manager one can buy.

4. Keepass2Android Password Safe

Here is a password manager that is entirely free. Keepass2Android does not include any ads or in-app purchases. It’s an open source application. Here are some of the features of the application: –

  • Open-source password keeper
  • Includes all basic features
  • Can create and manage database via single master password
  • Can save credit card details, financial notes, important emails etc.
  • Supports two-way syncing of files stored on cloud services such as Google Drive, DropBox and even FTP
  • Provides a virtual keyboard to securely enter user credentials

In a nutshell, Keepass2Android is an amazing free password manager for Android.

5. Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is password manager app, which is widely is used multiple platforms such as macOS, iOS, Windows and Android. Here are some of its highlighted features: –

  • Secures password by using AES-256 encryption
  • Stores passwords in a master vault that is protected with a powerful master password
  • Offers password generation, automatic security breach alerts, fingerprint login and a security dashboard for easy management of app
  • The wallet can store credit card details, bank accounts and other important information
  • Offers ‘Autofill’ feature for easy data filling in forms on websites and apps

Dashlane is free. However, one can also opt for the premium version of the program that enables the user to back-up data and sync data across different devices.

6. Password Safe And ManageR

Password Safe and Manager is one of the most user-friendly password manager app for Android. Here are few of its key features:

  • It offers widget support. It means, one can generate passwords from the home screen of their smartphone.
  • Vault can be managed via single master password
  • No need for internet permission to function. Hence, the passwords are safe offline
  • Export and import passwords in formats like CSV
  • Built-in search app to seek passwords saved for different websites

Password Safe and Manager’s PRO version offers extra features such as ability to view password history and fingerprint login.

7. 1Password- Password Manager

1Password Password Manager is one of the best password manager apps for Android. It is a feature-rich application that is designed to perform all necessary functions as per a good password keeper app. Here are some of the features of 1Password password manager: –

  • Save passwords, important addresses, credit card details, bank details, passport information etc.
  • Can create and manage multiple vaults to categorize content
  • Includes fingerprint security, autofill feature, cross-device syncing and a powerful password generator
  • Share data with trusted contacts

1Password offers a free version of their app for 30 days period. One can upgrade to premium after one month if they like the software.

8. Keeper Password Manager

Keeper password manager is another amazing password manager for Android on the list. Here are some of its amazing features that will makes one fall in love with the app: –

  • Store credentials and organize them efficiently
  • Securely share confidential data with trusted contacts
  • Free app and very convenient to operate
  • Safeguard data via a private vault, which is guarded by Zero-knowledge data security architecture
  • Includes a built-in password generator and Autofill feature
  • Easily back and sync files to cloud
  • Offers facial recognition and fingerprint scanner
  • Can separately lock photos and files in the vault

Keeper password manager free version is available for 30 days. Further, if one likes the app, they can opt for an annual subscription to enjoy its features to the fullest.

9. Google Smart Lock

Google Smart Lock is an amazing inbuilt password manager for Android by Google.
One can use the app on Android, Chrome OS and Google Chrome browser. Here are some of highlighted features of Google Smart Lock: –

  • Asks users whether to save password once they have logged into a website or app
  • Includes Autofill feature
  • Saves passwords, usernames, credit card details
  • Free app

10. RoboForm Password Manager

RoboForm Password Manager is one of the oldest password managers in the world. Having said that, it’s still beats many modern-day password keepers. Here are few points that make it one of the top password managers in the world: –

  • Includes all basic features of a good password keeper software
  • Allows the user to bookmark passwords so that they can find them quickly
  • Learns new passwords quickly
  • Also supports multi-step login processes
  • Compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Dolphin browser
  • It’s entirely free

In conclusion, RoboForm password manager app is a wise choice if one wants a simple password manager with clean UI.

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There you have it folks! The best Password Managers For Android! The list ends may here but we’ve tried to make the list as extensive as possible. However, if we’ve missed any other app that you prefer, please let us know in the comments section below. Also, connect with us for any queries related to technology. We’re here to help you.

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