Best Phone Usage Tracker Apps- Screen Time Tracker

Best Phone Usage Tracker Apps- Screen Time Tracker

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Technology, like a coin has two sides to it. While we mostly focus on its benefits, we often tend to intentionally ignore its bad side. While Facebook, Twitter and other gaming applications on the phone help connect, entertain and stay informed, we also lose track of time and interest in the real world. Most people spend their day, glaring at their screen, thus, not only getting distracted from their tasks but also harming their eyes.

Which is why we need for apps that tracks phone usage. There are a lot of apps available to limit the phone usage. To help you choose the best, we have put together a list of phone usage tracker apps that can monitor Android usage and help manage time efficiently. These apps also work as an android screen time tracker.

List of The Best Phone Usage Tracker Apps

1. Social Fever

social fever

This is the best app to track time spent on your phone. Admit it or not, the first thing you do after you wake up is to glance on your phone screen to check for notifications or communicate with friends. Moreover, the entire day, you spend considerable time to check feeds on social media app or browse something. With Social Fever, you can differentiate between time spent in the real and virtual world and easily track time spent on the phone.You can also set timer to limit phone usage. The simple and user-friendly interface helps you keep a track on how many times you unlock the phone and also monitors the app usage on the phone. It gives you simple weekly reports on your phone usage. It is a lightweight app and consumes lesser battery.

2. My Addictiometer

my addictometer

My Addictiometer is phone monitoring app that helps you track time on the phone. It is a good tool to check how much time you spent on your smartphone. It helps you deal with mobile addiction. The data collected by the app will help understand the level of addiction. It also tells the user the number of times he unlocks his smartphone. It also compares on which days in a month you used your phone the most. It also shows the total time spent on a mobile in one day.


3. OffTime

off time

OffTime is an app that helps you track time spent on phone. It lets you unplug, focus on the real world. It enables you to create profiles with which you can block calls, texts, notifications. You can also restrict your app usage to limit your smartphone use.You can also send custom text replies when your calls are blocked to keep your loved ones informed. You can get a detailed analysis of the phone usage along with bifurcation of which apps are used more.It also gives you a notification if you cross the set limit.


4. QualityTime

quality time my diet chart

QualityTime is one of the best apps that tracks phone usage easily. It offers real-time reports, which show the time spent glaring at your phone. It gives a detailed analysis of total usage, screen unlocks and much more, with hourly, daily, and weekly reports. It helps create device usage alert which reminds you if you are going a little overboard with your phone usage. With ‘Take A Break’ and ‘Scheduled Breaks’ feature, you can opt to block notifications and reject incoming calls. You can also exclude some of the callers by putting them into the whitelist contacts. It has a missed notification center for all the calls and alerts that you missed during these breaks.


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5. SPACE – Break Phone Addiction

SPACE - Break phone addiction

SPACE is phone monitoring app that lets you know how addicted you are to your smartphone and apps.The app has an intuitive and simple interface which help limit phone usage. With tools like screen dimming, notification blocker, and SPACE-time, you can manage and track time spent on your phone. You can customize a program based on your habits, needs, and usage. It also gives you the opportunity to find a perfect balance between the real and virtual world. Usage monitoring feature helps study phone usage patterns.

6. AppUsage

App Usage - ManageTrack Usage

One of the easiest ways to track time spent on phone is with AppUsage. The app reminds you whenever you use an app or smartphone for a longer time. It shows daily usage count of how many times user checked the phone and activity history on a calendar or bar chart view. It also gives you the list of most used apps on widgets and notification center to make it easy to get to them. It keeps a track of all installs and uninstalls on your device. It also informs you about the apps that are not used often, to free up some available space. It tracks the phone usage history, and activity and gives results in detail.

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7. App Detox

AppDetox - App Blocker for Digital Detox

App Detox is one of the best apps that can help limit phone usage, therefore detoxify your phone addiction. You can customize the way you want to track and limit your phone usage with the app. It helps you to maintain the balance between virtual and real world. Every time you cross the set limit, it reminds and stops you from overusing. It lets you block certain apps to spend less time on your phone. You can also lock your apps with inbuilt locker, App Detox App Locker. Parents can also use the app to control the screen time for your kids.

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These are some of the best phone usage tracker apps for your Android phone to help you get over your phone addiction and get a real and healthy life. So, download any of these screen time trackers for Android and limit your mobile usage.
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  • Ryan Shaughnessy
    I tried every one of these and offtime is the only one I cannot bypass and gives me granular control without a noticeable system performance reduction. I really like the calendar automation so that when I include a custom keyword my calendar it automatically starts so that I am not impulsively or anxiously checking social media before I start to lock down my phone because I know I won’t get to use it instead it just starts automatically if I have a meeting scheduled or if I have a block of time for pomodoro’s let’s do I need to do for pomodoros I put them a calendar and I septic you were pomodoris in the offtime app then when my calendar event comes up offtime automatically runs and blocks everything except you know the 50 year so important apps that I may need to use to get work done

    4 months ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia
      Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for your comment. We are happy that we could be of any help. Offtime definitely is a great app to track phone usage. For more tech updates and listicles, please subscribe to our Newsletter.

      4 months ago Reply
  • Ryan Shaughnessy
    Of course I will subscribe ?.
    But I would challenge the ranking of offtime in this list. It offers low over head as well as in depth usage tracking statistics as the other apps. However, Android 9 has the features native that a few of those apps offer and it’s baked into the system already.

    None of the other apps will lock down the phone making it impossible to bypass the restrictions. Nor will they do so with custom calendar word triggers so that even if you don’t want to start a detox you already made the decision using your calendar that you would so it just happens ready or not.

    This I suggest increasing the ranking of Offtime to the second spot bc it is better. A few of those apps are new and cannot compete with the tens of thousands of Dev hours put into Offtime. I would love more users with the new Dev team so it continues to improve.

    Additionally, Offtime is Free!

    4 months ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia
      Hi Ryan,

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion. We will take your suggestion into consideration.

      4 months ago Reply
  • Arkadiusz Chmura
    I would add UsageSafe app by CloudDroid. The only one that makes it match harder to bypass the app limit by having to wait 15 seconds before editing/deleting an app limit. Also I am a fan of UI of this app and the way it presents the usage data

    3 months ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia

      Thank you for your comment. We will try this app and add to our list.

      3 months ago Reply
  • CC
    Is there an app that will automatically track the time when my phone is locked?

    2 weeks ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia
      Thank you for your comment. The apps available in the list can help you track when your phone was unlocked and the saved time shown can be considered as the time when your phone was unlocked or unused.

      1 week ago Reply

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