Body Fitness & Pilates Apps Are All You Need For Every Morning Routine!

Body Fitness & Pilates Apps Are All You Need For Every Morning Routine!

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Have you read your favorite celebrity saying that he is involved in Pilates every week? Or have you heard your trainers recommending Pilates every day? You might be aware of the same, acquainted or completely unaware. But don’t worry, we will let you know what Pilates is and why Pilates apps are different from the other conventional fitness apps.

What Are Pilates?

Pilates is a specialized fitness regime that focuses mainly on better body posture, and alignment with a strong core. Yes, overall fitness with improved enduring power is the result of this type of exercise. This is the reason Pilates has gained prominence in recent times. Moreover, it can be done without any equipment, so no special need to hit the gym!

However, Pilates results better when done along with other forms like running, swimming, jogging, yoga, etc. Well, let your best Pilates apps can take care of the body-toning smoothly. So, give these apps a chance to see a positive body change.

Best Pilates Apps

 Here, we have compiled a list of the best free Pilates apps, so you can keep them on your phone and bring a twist within the workout regime.

 1. TRX

How about real-time coaching in your ears to reach the fitness goal? Yes, TRX becomes the best Pilates app in this case where you can find unique workouts like running, functional training, yoga, cycling, etc. and many other mixtures of exercise that keep you healthy.


Additional Features:

  • Each workout adapts with your performance and inspires you to work smarter with time.
  • World-class coaches keep you in-line and this is considered as the best part of this Pilates app. Detailed video with modifications is also available for customization.
  • It suits all the body types, performances can go on-demand and connects with Apple watch.

TRX: Android | iPhone

2. Freeletics

Freeletics can become your favorite and best free Pilates app as it gives you the freedom to workout anywhere and anytime, most importantly. You can develop a great body within a span of a few weeks that consists of HIIT training, bodyweight, running workouts, adaptive coaching, workout with equipment, etc.


Additional Features:

  • Customize the workout schedule from 10 minutes to 60 minutes plan according to level and goal.
  • Be it abs, arms, butts, or legs choose a muscle group and tone in a personalized manner with this awesome Pilates app.
  • Connect with other members through a common forum and train together.

Freeletics: Android | iPhone

3. 5 Minutes Pilates Workout

As the name speaks by itself, 5 Minutes Pilates workout is a simple yet powerful free Pilates app that do not require presence of gym equipment. Grab your floor mat and open the app, your work is almost done. This Pilates app suits those who are busy in their work-life and need a quick break away towards health.

5 Minutes Pilates Workout

Additional Features:

  • The in-built timer functions make sure that you do not exceed 5 minutes in one go. Of course, you can repeat if the time allows.
  • If you are a beginner, this could be the best free Pilates app as 3D animations with clear posture descriptions are present within it.

5 Minutes Pilates workout: Android | iPhone

4. FIITBEE Daily Pilates Workout

Gift of fitness is presented by Kira Elste, the creator and mastermind behind this gorgeous and best Pilates app. A full free week to try for where Kira and her team are always ready to take your lessons, arrange sessions on special request and even replies back to your questions on the Pilates.

FIITBEE Daily Pilates Workout

Additional Features:

  • All the videos are carefully designed under her mentoring with variety of exercises taking over.
  • Develop core strength, lean muscles and cross over the challenges which are even gentle to your knees/joints.

FIITBEE: Android | iPhone

5. Pilates- Home Fitness

Gain a good flexibility and sculpted muscles with free Pilates app, Pilates-Home Fitness. It takes care of basic of this genre i.e. a balance between body and mind. The exercises displayed in here help to improve even yoga experience by indulging in breathing techniques.

Pilates- Home Fitness

Additional Features:

  • Select the body parts and their exercises and follow the steps to attain the results.
  • Count the calories lost and interestingly, it is absolutely free of cost!

Pilates: Android | iPhone

 Free Yourself From Social Media & Get A Reminder For Workout!

It is very common that when we scroll out social media accounts, we tend to fall into the trap of stories and forget the rest. This reminder by Social Fever is counting your time on various accounts, reminds you to take water, asks you to indulge in recreational activities and looks forward to doing only good.

Social Fever

Get it today and give your time to free Pilates apps to stay healthy.

 Wrap Up!

These Pilates apps are a mixture of various workout routines, some support your gym workout whereas some take care of your running plan. An app like 5 Minutes Pilates Workout & Fiitbee takes care of Pilates exclusively. So, now it’s all your choice to pick one and go ahead.

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