10 Best Free Screen Recorder Apps For Android With Audio 2020

Best Free Screen Recorder Apps For Android With Audio

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We need to record our Android phone’s screen multiple times for various reasons. It can be to record a tutorial or to record a live video on Instagram. So how do you achieve this?  Well, you need an app to record your screen. There are a lot of apps available in the market which very well record your screen. However, to help you choose the best, we have listed some of the best screen recorder app for Android with audio. So, select any of the below-mentioned apps to Create GIFs and edit videos within the apps, and use them for your tutorial videos.

Top 10 Best Screen Recorder for Android

Here is the list of 10 best screen recording apps for Android Phone:

1. AZ Mobile App

AZ Mobile App

It is the best screen recorder app for Android with audio. AZ mobile app has no restrictions in terms of recording time. Also, there is no watermark. You can record the screen in HD and Full HD quality on your phone. You can also record audio via mic, and it automatically gets synced with the recorded video. This can be used easily with the game recording or to create a tutorial. You can add comments to it as well. It helps you to indicate what has been touched on the screen to make it understandable.  Along with easy to use interface, the app comes with many features. You can adjust the bit rate, screen resolution, screen orientation, customised timer etc. It allows you to set a location to save the recordings at one tap. Share the videos on different platforms with inbuilt sharing buttons.

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2. Super Screen Recorder –

Super Screen Recorder

There is no need for rooting your mobile phone, this app will help you get your Android’s screen recorded in no time. Get the video recorded in high quality with 1080P, 12Mbps, and 60 FPS. To get it available on different platforms, you can change its different frame rates, bit rates and resolutions. The pause and resume button give you the freedom to skip the parts in recorded video. This is an important feature which will help you and avoid the further editing part. It is sensitive to the phone shake and this can be used to stop the recording and to remove the recording bar notification in an emergency situation. The app supports the long video recordings along with an SD card. If you wish you can add a watermark, however, by default, it is disabled. Screen recording mode available – Portrait and landscape.

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3. Mobizen


Mobizen is another of the best screen recorder apps for Android with audio. It is a user-friendly app which has multiple features to help you record your phone’s screen in no time. Get the video recorded in full HD quality, 1080 P resolution, 12 Mbps, 60 FPS. It is a free screen recorder for Android to use to get the gameplay, instructions or video chats recorded. Built-in video editor helps you get more on it, and you can share it easily on different platforms. The video recorded with the app does not contain a watermark. It is a convenient app to be used on Android phones with the version starting from 4.4. You can save all your work on the device itself and use it whenever you need.

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4.   Rec. Screen Recorder

Rec. Screen Recorder

Rec. Screen Recorder is an Android Screen recording app which works best for Android version 4.4 and above. Although to use it for Android 4.4 version, the root is required. This is one of the most flexible free screen recorders for Android. Get clear videos recorded along with audio in good quality. You can record the screen of your Android smartphone for upto one hour with the help of this app. The best part of this app is its attractive user interface which makes it likeable and easy to use functionalities. You can save all the recordings in the preset on your device. Set the timer to record in a predefined time with the customization available in the settings. You can see the taps on the screen recording for understanding the steps better. To stop the recording, you can simply shake the phone or switch off the screen.

5. Google play games

Google play games

Google Play games is a great app which can be used as a free screen recorder for Android. As the gamers are fond of showcasing their talents while playing the games, this feature is instilled in the app. You can also check the feature for the app works for other times too. You can put the recorder turned on for other activities on the phone, and it will record the screen. The quality of the 720p or 480 p resolution videos can be recorded easily with the help of the app. Additionally, this Android screen recording app lets you add audio with the mic on your device. You can add your commentary with the recording, and it is automatically added along. The feature of adding the selfie camera video recording for explaining the ongoing in the video is very helpful.

6. ApowerREC


ApowerREC is a powerful and free screen recorder app for Android. You can get the app to work with audio to record anything on the screen of your Android device. Use it to record full screen in HD resolution for showing a certain function with steps in an easy way. You can keep the recorder on and the audio will be recorded alongside. This video is in 1080 p resolution and you can also customize it in the settings. You can also record with the camera to be played with the screen recording which can be helpful in a  number of ways. While trying to explain an app such as Maps you can show the path on the screen and in reality with the camera recording. It is available in both portrait and landscape mode. You can get all functions in the floating action panel to make it accessible to start, pause or stop the recording. This has a feature of giving time before starting the recording to prep the phone. The recording does not involve any kind of watermark.

7. Screen Recorder & Music, Video Editor Record Free

Screen Recorder and Music Video Editor Record Free

Screen Recorder & Music, Video Editor Record Free is another Android Screen recording app which works efficiently. You can use it to record your Android phone’s screen for multiple usages. It will help you to make GIFs and tutorials for your YouTube videos. This screen recorder app for Android with audio will let your record the external sound with the microphone. You can add commentary explaining the steps verbally to make it precisely easy to understand. Record your favourite live shows from social platforms like Facebook, Instagram. The app has a useful feature of 3 seconds of preparation time. You get to set your Phone in the 3 secs, it provides after the recording starts, which will avoid the unnecessary editing post-recording. The video quality of the recorded videos in 1080 p resolution so you can upload high definition videos on social sharing sites.

8. ADV recorder

ADV recorder

ADV recorder is a free screen recorder for Android devices. It efficiently records the screen of your phone along with the audio from the use of an inbuilt microphone. This app does not require any kind of rooting for your device to use the recording feature. Much like other, this has a functional menu panel which is floating above the recording to be used easily. To add to the customization, you can add text and banners to improve the recorded video. The video editing is also possible within the app, where you can trim the length short. The use of front and back camera while recording is easy and thus adds on the alongside recording the view or save explaining the steps.

9. Screen Recorder (by Kimcy)

Screen Recorder by Kimcy

This is a screen recorder app for Android with audio through the mic. Screen Recorder works best for recording games and short tutorials on your Android device. The video can be saved in any of the desired location including an SD card. You can take a screenshot as well along with recording the screen with this Android screen recording app. Although the app is good for recording calls, you need to turn off the feature of recording sound. It is due to the feature can only be used by one app which uses the mic. It supports both front and rear camera of the phone for recording. Add logo, text, images and edit the video as per your requirements. Internal sound can be recorded in Android version 9 and 10.

10. ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder is an app which easily records the screen of Android device with audio. You get to enjoy the recorded voice with the gameplay or some steps you want to share with the world. The phone does not need to go with the rooting process, and it can be easily used on devices with Android version 5 and above. The options to select the resolution and bitrate, frames per second to get the best quality recorded videos. The best part is that you can use the features as the shortcuts can be easily found on the Android version 7.1 and above. The floating menu is available for an easy approach which makes it an effortlessly helpful for users. No ads are also a good point to use this app. It is one of the most useful apps to record screen as it comes with inbuilt editing tools.

Which Is The Best Screen Recorder App For Android With Audio?

When talking about all of the apps, it has to be categorized on the basis of features and functionalities and therefore, we have kept AZ Recorder on the top of the list. With the best quality of the screen resolution, multiple features this app is liked by many users for its easy to understand functions. Other apps like Super Screen Recorder and Mobizen are other options to try for the best results. There are apps which can help you record you with the front camera if that is your need. So it depends which app do you find most useful for recording your Android phone’s screen.

Please let us know your selection from the list for Android screen recording apps in the comments section below. We would also like to know about your views on them as well as another app you would like to mention.

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