5 Best Video Editor Apps for Android 2018

5 Best Video Editor Apps for Android 2018
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Editing videos on your mobile is a hulking task. Generally, video editing is done by heavy-duty software on powerful computers with high quality hardware. Apart from this, you must have proficiency in that software to use. The tools required for editing in computers are very large and expensive.

Thankfully, today you’re able to perform video editing right from your Android smartphones. However, they may not be able to carry out bulky editing but they would certainly suffice your needs. We’ve listed some of the best video editor apps for Android for you to try your hands on:

Best Apps to Edit Videos on Android 2018

1. Adobe Premiere Clip:

Adobe is a big name that carries reputation and reliability. Adobe Premiere Clip is one of the best video editor apps for Android as it is capable of auto-generate the videos using your phone gallery. You can manually edit your videos with variety of features, effects, music and photo motions. If you’re using Adobe Premiere Clip on your Windows or Mac, it offers you to obtain and work on your editing projects by synchronizing the data over Adobe server.

adobe-premier-clip- video editng software

Adobe Premiere Clip
Adobe Premiere Clip
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

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2. Movie Maker Filmmaker:

If you’re looking for a typical video editing than Movie Maker Filmmaker is for you. It is designed considering the fact to edit the videos like trim, crop, and reorder the video content with focal points adjustments. MMF claims to have a good collection of video effects and lets you customize the effects, however, questions have been put up on its functionality. MMF faced a lot of bug issues since its redesign but considered relatively safe and good application for your Android.

movie-maker-android video editor

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3. Quik – Free Video Editor:

Quik Video Editor is the simplest platform that lets you draw your creativity. Quik generates your output with a handful of taps. You can upload your favorite photos and video clips and the app does the rest. Other than the basic functionalities of any video editing tool, it analyzes and recognizes the great moments in the footage than synchronizes the video with the relevant music background, all by itself. It delivers the HD 1080p or 720p clip and offers you around 80 free tracks to select from.

quick-free-video-editor for android

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4. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto is one of the most used video editing tool worldwide. With just three simple steps it turns your images and clips into a musical video. Magisto Video Editor & Maker is very handy that it doesn’t require you to be a pro to handle that. Magisto is one of the few tools that can create a video collage. Its auto video maker and video effects are praised all over the world.

magisto-video-editor on android

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5. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor:

If you want to pour magic to your editing, FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor tool is made for you. It lets you play the videos in reverse that illustrates like magic. It offers different fit ratios for different websites. FilmoraGo allows you to see the proposed result following WYSIWYG algorithm. Tools like slow-down and speed-up, range of text and templates, still and motion graphics etc. make this app eye-catching.

flimora- video editing app

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Overall, video editing is a time-consuming effort but the results can be mesmerizing. There’re thousands of other applications available but the best video editing apps for Android will have one thing uncommon, user-friendliness. After all, everybody is not a pro but nobody wants to miss out on recalling the memories with added touchup.

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