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Recover Accidently Deleted Video Files In Just Few Steps

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“Where is the video that I made during the wedding?”

“O snap! That was deleted when our computer crashed!”

And when you can’t find a deleted video, we understand the dissolution of so many beautiful memories in a single moment only. But we won’t let your heart sink so quick as an efficient video recovery software can make it up to you once again.

Before moving ahead, let’s just walk through those features that free software to recover deleted videos must possess.

  • It shall be able to recover any kind of file or folder other than recovering lost video files.
  • It shall recover data from various devices apart from the computer machine.
  • It must own a simple but powerful interface so that the user can slip into it comfortably and get the result in the easiest way possible.

Which Is The Best Video Recovery Software?

Advanced Disk Recovery (Recommended)

advanced disk recovery to recover deleted videos

No worries if you have accidentally messed up with your machine as Advanced Disk Recovery can take care of it all, whether you just wish to find deleted videos through scanning or wish to recover lost video files.

And if you wonder why we are recommending this tool, check the features that it owns!

  1. The Easy Interface

No one wants to go for a conscious reading of the instructions and ways to use a video recovery software when in the hassle of retrieving permanently deleted files having MP3, MP4, MKV or other video extensions.

And this is where Advanced disk Recovery wins the game where the basic interface is very neat and clear.

The Easy Interface- recoer deleted video

  1. Ability To Recover Everything

Do you want to recover lost video files with MP3, MP4, MKV or other video extensions? Great! But Advanced Disk Recovery is more to that. From small to bulky files, largest videos, deleted folders, you can win them all back once again with a few clicks on the screen.

  1. Scan The Way You Like

Well, here again, you are at an advantage of choosing the types of scan, be it quick or deep. How does that matter? Well, if you choose a Deep Scan, a detailed and smart scanning procedure takes place in the machine where the time taken is a little longer, but the results are very satisfying.

When it comes to Quick Scan, you can be sure of fast scanning and find out the major pieces shortly.

  1. Multiple Storage Devices Can Be Recovered

It is not that you can recover lost video files only from the Windows computer but a wide platform of Hard Drives, CD/DVD, Removable drive or Partitions. Once you select the preferred option, leave everything on the video recovery software.

  1. Save The Sessions In Between

Many times, Deep Scan takes time to complete and you might want to pause it to take a quick coffee break downtown. No worries just pause the session and your search will remain saved then and there. Once you start it again, the scanning will begin from where you have left.

And yes, that’s what makes Advanced Disk Recovery an easy to go and smartest tool to get back your precious deleted videos.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Video Files?

This free software to retrieve deleted video files for at least 24 hours can be used with the method mentioned below.

Step 1: Welcome To Undelete

Welcome To Undelete video undelete

At the welcoming interface, you need to select the area from where you need to recover files. Options like Hard Drive, CD/DVD, Removable and Partitions will be provided.

At the same time, you need to select the Drive followed by the Drive Letter.

Once selected, click on Start Scan Now.

Step 2: Scanning

Scanning for video recovery

Here, you need to select the type of scanning you wish to make. As explained above as well, Quick Scan will identify deleted files from Master File Table in a quicker mode.

Whereas Deep Scan runs through each sector and find deleted files based on the signatures. Yes, the procedure is a bit longer, but Advanced Disk Recovery makes sure that you get all your files back safely.

Step 3: Preview & Recover

Preview and Recover using video recovery software

It is not that you will be getting back all the deleted files right after the scanning has been made. Rather, you get to choose them through the ‘Preview’ section. So, select the files and click on ‘Recover’ accordingly.

FILTER OPTIONS: Notice the tab that mentions ‘Filter Options’ on the left side of the ‘Recover’ tab. This option allows you to have some customization such as file size filter, file health, time filter, date, etc. If you have an idea about the type of file to be recovered, this option is a huge plus.

filter to recover deleted videos

Step 4: Recovery Process

Once you are able to view the whole process, a final report will appear on the screen mentioning the number of recovered files, total scanned files, total deleted files, remaining files, etc.

At this step, choose ‘Recover More Files’ if you want to or else select ‘Finish’.

video recovery process

Our Review

We would proudly claim that Advanced Disk Recovery is near to perfect video recovery software to find deleted videos, recover lost video files and even other documents/folders/pictures smoothly.

The user-friendly interface, compatibility with all the Windows version, securely recovering wiped data, and detailed scanning makes it stand apart from its competitors.

Yes, it works only on one machine and the free trial version doesn’t allow any kind of preview, it still is capable of retrieving permanently deleted files without any inconvenience. So why wait? Check this free software to recover deleted files and download it. We are happy to support you as and when required.

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Enjoy a FREE TRIAL today and get updated with the license key afterward!

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