6 Best Voice Changer Apps During Call For Android & iPhone

6 Best Voice Changer Apps During Call For Android & iPhone

Apps To Change Your Voice During Call

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You ever thought how the call voice converter works? People can use the live voice changer app for pranking your friends. To avoid strange calls from unknown numbers, use the voice changer apps during call. We know it can be more fun to make your friend feel like they dialled a wrong number. Different background noises created by the use of these apps will let others believe that as your location. So let’s learn about these amazing apps in this post.

6 Best Free Voice Changer Apps During Call

List of Contents

  • 1. Intcall– 
  • 2. FunCalls-
  • 3. Magic Call-
  • 4. PrankDial –
  • 5. Live Voice Changer – PrankCall
  • 6. Call Voice Changer – Allogag –
  • FAQs

We have selected from all the best options for you to have on Android and iPhone both. Have a look and check which is the best for you to prank your friends.

Here is the list of the best voice changer apps during call.

1. Intcall– 

Call Voice Changer IntCall Make Funny Phone Calls

Call Voice Changer – IntCall from Astra Communication LTD is one of the best voice changer apps for the iPhone. Be it adding funny sound effects in the background of the phone calls or changing the voice from male to female during call. The best part of this call voice changer app is that once your sign up for the subscription 3 days are free. 


  • New users get free minutes to make calls.
  • Change the pitch of your voice with this call voice converter app.
  • Surprise the receivers by playing greetings in different languages.
  • Play a birthday song in the background to wish your friends.
  • Multiple options to select from to change voice and add sound effects.

Get it for iOS.

2. FunCalls-

Funcalls - best Voice Changer & Call Recording

FunCalls – Voice changer and call recording is one of the best call voice changer apps for Android. It is also available for the iPhone, and you can make free demo calls to hear your voice change. Make international calls to over 150 countries from the app by dialing the number on it.  


  • Real-time voice changer during call.
  • Choose from – helium balloon, scary, funny, man. 
  • Add animal sound effects with your call.
  • VoIP calls to make it easier to connect from anywhere.
  • Download your recorded voice and share it with others.

Get it for Android

Get it for iOS

3. Magic Call-

Funcalls - best Voice Changer & Call Recording

Magic call from BNG Mobile is another of the best voice changer apps during call. It provides you with a free credit on registration to make calls to your friends. Choose from the various voices to change your voice from male to female during call. The vice versa is also available, so the voice converter app is good for both boys and girls. 


  • Multiple Voice changer options.
  • Various background sound effects – Rain, Traffic, Birthday.
  • Refer the app and earn as your friends download the app and register.
  • User-friendly and simple interface.

Get it for Android.

Get it for iOS.

4. PrankDial –

PrankDial voice altering app


PrankDial by Kickback is a popular voice changer app that can be used during calls. This can be a wonderful way to prank your contacts as this uses pre-recorded statements. All you need to do is make a call and select one of the scenarios. The voice changer app during call with a twist where you get a complete set of call recordings from your side. The other person gets puzzled and responds to it on call.


  • Choose from hundreds of pranks.
  • Get free calls every day.
  • New Prank scenarios added regularly.

Get it for Android.

Get it for iOS.

5. Live Voice Changer – PrankCall

Live Voice Changer - PrankCall

It is the best call voice changer app for iPhone to make prank calls. Live Voice Changer – PrankCall by Xiaoxi Zhang works comes with a simple function of converting your voice and recording it. Different voice effects of the app make it a popular choice.  It has an exciting variety like Tomcat, squirrel, and Darth Vader, to choose the voice.


  • Real-time call voice converter app.
  • 11 voice changer effects.
  • 15 reverb effects of using with plug-in mic.
  • Share the voice recordings on social media

Get it for iOS.

6. Call Voice Changer – Allogag –

Call Voice Changer during call - Allogag

Call Voice Changer – Allogag is a popular voice changer app that can be used during calls. This is the best voice changer app for Android; it is also available for iPhone. Make free calls to prank someone from your smartphone using this voice changer app during calls. 


  • Check the voice before calling in the preview.
  • Many sound effects for background during call.
  • Keep changing your voice during the call multiple times.
  • Earn free credits to use the feature on the voice changer app during call. 

Get it for Android.

Get it for iOS.


This post will certainly help you find out the best voice changer app during call s for your Android and iPhone. Magic Call and FunCalls can help you get many options and have to be the best voice changer apps for Android. IntCall is the best free voice changer apps during your phone calls for iPhone.

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How do I change my voice from male to female?

A fact that’s hardly possible unless you’re an expert voice artist, none can change their voice overnight. But, if you’re looking to play a prank on your friend or to have some fun with them, you do have the option of using a suitable voice changer application which has voice modulation feature to change your voice from that of a male to female.

How To change my voice during a call?

If you want to change your voice during a call or add any sound effects to the call, you can download a voice changer application on your phone. Using embedded effects the app will disguise your voice, making it sound completely different.

How can I deepen my voice During the call?

There are various apps for Android and iPhone devices that allow you to add weird sounds to your voice during a phone call. You can choose a suitable sound effect that sits right with your voice without exposing that it’s an app you are using to deepen it.


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