Best Ways To Clear Your Origin Cache On macOS

Best Ways To Clear Your Origin Cache On macOS

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Do you like playing sports games on your Mac? Then you must have installed Origin – EA’s online distribution platform and store. Using it, you can download and sell games online. Origin works flawlessly, but sometimes it gives specific issues. If you too have run into problems with Origin, here’s how to fix Origin problems.

What is Origin?

Developed by Electronic Art (EA) Origin is a digital distribution for purchasing and playing video games. It is available on Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms.

Now, let’s come to the point and learn how to fix Origin issues by clearing Origin cache. Once you do so, you can fix more than half of Origin’s problems.

The need for Clearing Origin’s cache

By deleting Origin cache files, you can fix several problems, including the following:

  • Origin stuck in offline mode
  • Unable to download updates
  • Games not downloading
  • While downloading games, they get stuck
  • Games missing from Origin library

In the above-enlisted scenario and a few other cases removing Origin cache files helps.

tipsAdditional Tip

Over time as you use your Mac, it slows down due to junk files, cache, cookies (this includes system and application cache like in case of Origin). This data not only decreases systems performance but also takes up valuable system storage space on mac. This problem can be fixed manually, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Also, there’s a risk involved when we do manual cleaning.

Therefore, using the best Mac optimizer and cleaner for this purpose is a good idea. For this, we suggest using TuneUpMyMac.

Clear Your Origin Cache

It is an intelligent Mac optimizer and cleaner that helps clean all unwanted data in a click or two. Moreover, it hides privacy, exposing traces, and does a lot more.

How to clear Origin’s cache on your Mac

Clearing cache files isn’t easy. To remove Origin cache files, you need to be 007. But who has this much of time? Luckily, we have some simple ways to help know where to look for Origin cache files without wasting time.

Steps to Remove Origin Cache Files from Mac

Clear Your Origin Cache on Mac

1. Open Finder > click on the Go menu.

2. Choose Go to Folder.

Clear Your Origin Cache

3. Type: /Library/Application Support and click Go.

Note: This is the main Library folder

Clear Your Origin Cache from MAC

4. Now, search for Origin Folder.

5. Click Origin Folder > look for a folder called DownloadCache.

6. Right-click > Move to Bin

7. Empty the Trash/Bin.

Now check if the solution worked. For this, log in to Origin > My Games Library. You should be able to see all the games and can also update Origin. Using the above steps, you can delete Origin cache but what about other applications and system cache on Mac?

Here’s a quick solution.

How to clear all cache on your Mac in one go?

The above steps will only help clean Origin cache, but if you want to boost Mac speed and performance, you need to clear other applications and system cache. Doing so for each app manually will take a lot of time. Therefore, to clear out all cache, you need a trusted app. This is when TuneUpMyMac comes to play. This incredible app helps clean all this cache and other redundant data. Here’s how it works.

1. If you don’t have this excellent application installed on your Mac, then download it now by clicking here.

2. Once downloaded, follow on-screen instructions to install it.

3. Launch TuneUpMyMac from your Applications folder.

Clear Your Origin Cache

4. For one-click cleaning, click One-Click Cleaning from the left pane > Start System Scan.

5. Let the scan finish, once completed click Clean Now to remove user cache files, user log files, temporary files, and other junk data from your Mac.

6. In addition to this, you can also click individual modules to clear junk files, duplicates, disable startup items.

7. Once you clean all the detected errors and junk data, you will experience a performance boost in your Mac. Not only this but using TuneUpMyMac you can remove Origin cache files also. This means if you don’t have time or don’t feel like following manual steps to remove Origin cache, you can use this powerful and best Mac optimization tool. This tool offers much more than it meets the eye. You will only get to know about it once you download and use the product.

We hope, using the steps explained above you were able to clear Origin cache and fix Origin update and other problems related to it. Please share your feedback with us in the comments box.

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