Best Zapier Alternatives To Automate Your Work In 2020

Best Zapier Alternatives To Automate Your Work In 2020

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Everything in Nature happens on its own. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if most of the things happened automatically in our daily life? If you are looking for automation in your professional and personal life, then the good news is that it has become possible up to a certain extent. And some of the most successful people in the world are taking advantage of these tools to become more productive than others. After all, they too have 24 hours in a day just like us.

Automation can help us eliminate repetitive tasks and automate our lives. There is no perfect tool as all of us have different needs and have different expectations from a tool. One of the most successful until now is Zapier, which again is not affordable for everyone. Hence, lets us embark on a journey to look for Zapier Alternatives that are cheaper and suit our requirements.

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Best Zapier Alternatives To Automate Your Work In 2020

1. Integromat @ $9/month

zapier alternative- integromat

One of the best Zapier alternatives is Integromat, which has a simple yet efficient user interface. It allows users to set up complex tasks with ease and also provides a visual profile of the created tasks. You can also create a map by denoting every task as a circle and connected it with other circles via dotted lines. Integromat allows you to create as many scenarios as you want with each scenario consisting of many steps or operations.

Inegromat has another useful feature: it has a limited free user account, which can be used to check and understand the tool before purchasing it.

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2. @ $49/month

zapier alternative - automate has one major difference as compared to Zapier, and that is the support for five times the number of actions then Zapier. It is rightly termed as one of the best Zapier alternatives because it provides 10000 actions per month as compared to 2000 actions provided by Zapier. Taking out data from Gmail every is counted as an action, and this means your 2000 actions in Zapier would be over before you know it. has well planned conditional workflows that can help you incorporate application from the internet and all this without writing any codes in programming languages. Users can create workflows between multiple applications with a few offers services in all categories from Social Media, Campaigning, and Marketing, and Payment automation.

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3. Microsoft Flow @ $0/month

zapier alternative - Microsoft Flow

As I mentioned earlier that automating tasks is as important for personal use as commercial, and Microsoft Flow is the best Zapier alternative for non-commercial use as it is free of cost. Also, the name Microsoft highlights the usefulness and efficiency of this app. Microsoft Flow is an extremely well-designed app and has a large selection of templates with pre-determined flows to choose from. If you use other Microsoft products such as Office 365, OneDrive, and OneNote, then Microsoft flow will appear to more beneficial as it easily syncs with all these apps in one step. The reason being the same Microsoft Account is used everywhere.

Microsoft Flow supports many third-party apps, but they have to be integrated one by one. It is also available on Android and iOS devices; however, it is always more convenient to create and manage on a computer with a larger screen and an easy to use web browser. Microsoft Flow allows you to generate a multiple-step automation process with the exact command you require. It is also the only Zapier alternative app that is free. If you are new to automation, then this one is the best app to try things out.

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4. io @ $500 per month

zapier alternative tray

Another Zapier alternative that is at a different level altogether is It is not just an automation service but a great platform to assimilate multiple services into one HTTP Push API service that provides other applications with real-time information. It is costlier than Zapier and also provides much better features than Zapier in all fields. The users can drag and drop their tasks on a tray connector, which ensures that the workflow is seamless. has an amazing collection of 4500 APIs to integrate into your workflow and uses popular services like Dropbox, Mail chimp, Google, Facebook, and Salesforce. If you are running a large business, then is the perfect solution to integrate all the apps in your collection. The Monthly rental of $500 is cheaper if you do not have to build and maintain and scripts and servers as they would be automatically done by

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5. Zoho Flow @ $8.33

zapier alternative zoho flow

If you are looking for a low-cost, user-friendly automation tool, then you must opt for Zoho Flow. It has its CRM and QuickBooks, which provide a smooth integration and make automation easier. Apart from native apps, Zoho Flow does provide support to third-party apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, Trello, and Slack, among others. Many pre-determined workflows require the user to choose the most suited template and initiate the integration.

Zoho Flow also helps the users to develop logic elements and define variables to expand the range of input. All this can be done on a visual editor, including building and editing flowcharts of action. This will help to transfer files, reports, emails between services within seconds.

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Did You Start Automating Your Work By Using The Zapier Alternatives?

There are two benefits of automating your tasks: One is that you don’t have to do dull, repetitive tasks. Secondly, you can save time and do something else, which will result in maximum utilization of your day. You can choose any one of the automated Zapier Alternatives to make your life being more productive rather than just being over busy.

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