Bitcoin: Christmas Shopping Made Easy!

Bitcoin: Christmas Shopping Made Easy!


Aah! Winter has come. Snowy mornings are met with a cup of joe and suddenly all is right with the world. We look around us and realize that Christmas is around the corner. The joy in the air, reunion of the entire family, fairy lights twinkling on the Christmas tree and gifts below them waiting to be unwrapped.

Wait a minute! Gifts… Christmas Shopping… !

If you are anything lie my spouse, you probably still have a couple of gifts that are yet to be bought. Well, guess you have come to the right place. We present to you a list of the top 5 gifts that you can purchase with the help of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Usage

Many of you must either have the foresight to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies before it’s boom in the last month or you are new investors still wondering what to do with this virtual currency?

Fear not, for we have the answer for you. No more facing the long shopping queues in the malls, or paying high transaction fees by purchasing anything from third party vendors, simply use the cryptocurrency at your disposal and earn the tag of the ‘BEST GIFT GIVER’.

  1. Bitcoins:


Now who wouldn’t want Bitcoins as a gift on Christmas? For that someone special, Bitcoins will probably be the best gift ever, as it gives them the freedom to use them as they seem best. All you need to do, is create a wallet for them. (a wallet is virtual account in which Bitcoins are stored in a secured manner.) Create a wallet and transfer Bitcoins. All you need to do was just click few buttons.

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2. Christmas Sweater:

christmas sweater What would be Christmas without the token Christmas sweater. For the one in the group who is obsessed with all things cryptocurrency, we suggest you gift them, their heart’s desire. Visit for multiple cryptocurrency themed sweater options. Trust us, they will love it. It even allows you to send in design templates and they shall get it knitted for you! Talk about service!

3. Tee Shirts:

bitcoin tee shirts Clothes are usually the most sought-after gifts. With Blockchain and Bitcoin as buzz words that ruled all through 2017, and hopefully continue to do so in 2018, why not gift clothes with the smartest quotes and phrases on them. Visit for tee shirts for men, women and even stickers and mugs. They have a wide range and loads of variety. There is definitely something that shall suit your fancy as a gift. (no judging if you end up keeping the shirts for yourself too)

4. Gift Cards:

bitcoin gift cards We know, Gift cards are symbolic as a gift in which no thought has been put into. But, with cryptocurrency ruling the roost, there are so many diverse ways you can use them. There are stores that only use cryptocurrency as a means of payment, for that matter, even Amazon is opening its doors and accepting gift cards which have been generated with Bitcoins. Simply visit and shop. With multiple store options, you can pick according to your fancy. Just remember to pay in Bitcoins at the end of the transaction.

5. Donate:

donate bitcoin Christmas is not just about gifts. It extends to charity too. What a wonderful time to role play Santa Clause in your heart and share the joy of the season with those in need. Blockchain Technology, the force behind the success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seems to be the key factor for donations to charities. These organizations implement Blockchain and then offer us complete transparency regarding how much Bitcoin was given and how it was used. Our prefered charity is they have tied up with multiple other non-profits and come to aid.

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There you have it! Don’t just follow trend and hold your Bitcoins. Use them and spread the joy of the season. Share your love and receive love in return. Merry Christmas!

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