BitFlyer: The Most AWESOME Crypto Exchange EVER!

BitFlyer: The Most AWESOME Crypto Exchange EVER!


There are many rules and regulations that plague cryptocurrencies. In all the red tape and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in the market, a demand for a secure and safe crypto exchange is bound to rise. As more and more people are venturing out of their comfort zone and trading in cryptocurrencies, a legal and official Crypto Exchange is on everyone’s radar.

BitFlyer: Flying High


BitFlyer is one of the most sought after crypto exchange. “When I set up Bitflyer in 2014, I did so with global ambitions and the belief that approved regulatory status is fundamental to the long-term future of Bitcoin and the virtual currency industry,” said Bitflyer CEO and founder, Yuzo Kano.

It is one thing to pass a comment off the fly and another to actually fulfill what you set out to do in the first place. Bitflyer currently operates on 3 different continents and has plans to expand further.

Of the 11 exchanges which were issued a licence in Japan on September of 2017, BitFlyer already boasts of having nearly 1 Million users. A Japan native, this is indeed a landmark accomplishment.

Similarly, it got its licence to operate in 41 states of USA in November 2017. It has again grown beyond anyone’s expectations and even offered the account holders Zero percent transaction fees till end of last year, and has now extended the same offer till 31st January 2018. It has already started to trade Ethereum and has many more offers in their kitty for the future.

BitFlyer: Flying Higher

The latest feather in its cap was the licence to set up trade in the European Union. This has opened doors for the biggest market for cryptocurrency trading. Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) the Luxembourg regulator, granted them their licence of a Payment Institution (PI).

While they shall offer the EU account holders the BTC/EUR combination, their future plans are in works of offering Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash and Ethereum Classic amongst other cryptocurrencies.

With these advancements, BitFlyer has become the world’s 14th largest exchange based on volume. It has more than $ 294 million in trading.

It currently trades at Number 14 on the CoinMarketCap based on their trading volume. It also has the sponsorship of Mizuho Financial Group, Digital Currency Group, UFJ Capital and Mitsubishi.

Germany, Italy,Turkey, the UK and France are some of the key locations across Europe where BitFlyer hopes to see further growth in the field of cryptocurrency trading. BitFlyer is only going to fly higher and higher.

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