Blockchain, AI and Emotions: Free Will No More?

Blockchain, AI and Emotions: Free Will No More?


There used to be a time when shifting from city A to city B meant one had to haggle with packers and movers. Alongside this one must also stay in contact with the cargo truck driver, just to ensure safe delivery of your things.

And After waiting for an eternity when the truck finally arrives, it would certainly be a bummer to to find that your favorite crystal vase had shattered right at the base of the box. But it’s too late since we’ve already paid them and forgot to save their number for future use. Once moved, the unpacking looms over our heads, which is a magnanimous task in itself.

Today, this entire scenario has changed. AI has replaced manual labour in a lot of sectors already and with Blockchain Technology also in implementation, we are certainly going to lose even more sectors to automation.

One sits with ease of mind and simply books a packer and mover, who would log every article on to a Block once packed. It would also give regular updates on the whereabouts of the luggage as it moved from city A to city B. Oh yeah! At the end of the journey, a crypto wallet address is given as per the terms of the smart contract signed between the customer and the company involved.  With the transfer of a few Bitcoin for their services the entire story ends.

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Furthermore, the exercise of unpacking is done with the help of AR ( Augmented Reality) that helps one create an edgy look for the interiors. ( or give an idea of what shall go where and how)


Technology: A fickle friend

Blockchain Technology is rapidly becoming one of the most essential parts of our lives. From healthcare, banks, travel, and even digital identity, there are hardly any sectors that are not implementing it in their core operations. It’s inevitable that slowly, one shall conduct everyday chores with it. But this luxury comes at a cost, as the price we pay is lack of human interaction.

We’re clearly not saying that those we hire via Blockchain shall not have that human touch, but, their actions are bound by a set of guidelines. They are paid an exact amount via a Blockchain, the amount of distance that they have hauled the cargo, is monitored down ot the last mile. There is no story attached to their trip. It’s just the update of one Block after another.

Similarly, with AI, there is this hypothetical eventuality in which, one shall have a Rosie from the Jetsons for the packing and unpacking in the future. This takes away from us the emotion we would have formed with the new residence. AI assistance in this process shall confine the change of residence into a change of area, a change of house. Not make it a home which is filled to the gills with memories and emotions.

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During times of overwhelming emotion, one can ask a robot a question which it shall give a recorded reply. It will fail to feel the emotions that one sends across. We get a shoulder to cry on with Rosie but not a sympathetic pat on the arm.

In Conclusion: Free Will, A Hope

Put in a triangle, Blockchain Technology ( for that matter any technology) , AI and human emotions makes for a complex equation. While we may crave the easy life that Blockchain Technology and AI provide, we mustn’t forget that man is a social animal. The need for human interaction is the essence of his being. We can simply cross our fingers that like the movie Bicentennial Man, humans and robots can coexist alike as equals. Is that too big a dream? Too big a hope?

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