Blockchain: Freelancer's Best Friend

Blockchain: Freelancer’s Best Friend


There exists a prejudice against the term ‘freelancer’. Many consider it a synonym for a college student who cant hold traditional office hours or a person who can’t adjust to a corporate environment. As technology grows it offers unlimited options to people who for some reason are unable to step out of the door.

Blockchain on the other hand is a decentralized technology which has disrupted many industries. But, for it to function, it needs freelancers who not only know about the technology but also offer knowledge of computing languages and mathematics.

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The drawback of working as a freelancer are:

  • Lack of trust in a new client : Unknown clients can abscond once their work is transfer to them without paying the remittance that is due.
  • Lack of Marketing Skills: Many new freelancers face a crucial problem. They do not have the means nor the knowledge on how to market their services to potential clients.
  • Maintaining Deadlines: many a times the clients throws in outrageous deadlines which can’t be met. The freelancer needs to know their strengths to know beforehand if a deadline can be met or no.
  • Software and Hardware: As one starts up a new service there may be a lack of required Software or Hardware in regards to your client’s needs.

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All these issues can be easily solved when you work in Blockchain Technology. Let’s have a look how:

  • Lack of trust in a new client : It doesn’t matter if the client is unknown. Any transaction is secured with the help of a ‘Smart Contracts’. If one party renegades the transaction immediately gets noted on his Block and shall has future ramifications.
  • Lack of Marketing Skills: There is no need to market yourself. Once you have run a transaction successfully on the Blockchain, then your work begins to speak for itself. New clients shall see your past work every time they access the Blockchain.
  • Maintaining Deadlines: There are no deadlines per say while running algorithms for a Blockchain. You make your own deadlines in tango to others who are also working on the Blockchain. All you need to focus on is a synced validation in the transaction of the Blockchain
  • Software and Hardware: No software is required as such. All you need is your brains and a supercomputing hardware program and more RAM attached to your PC. This can be acquired easily from your computer engineer.

Now that we have cleared the doubts, in regards to working as a freelancer on Blockchain Technology, let us shift our focus on to the platforms who are looking to hiring freelancers for the same.

1. Blocklancer:


Blocklancer is an Ethereum based blockchain. It offers its potential employees a guaranteed payments and a fair dispute settlement in case of any irregularities. It offers employment in 3 components. The Platforms, the THT ( Token holder Tribunal) and the Reward Pool. As a self regulatory platform it, helps freelancers in getting jobs done on time and efficiently. As a trustworthy platform, it is worth checking out. Visit them here

2. Coinlancer:


Coinlancer is probably the best answer to Blockchain disruption of the freelancing industry. As an Ethereum based platform, it throws special emphasis to Smart Contracts that are generated on its Blockchain and hence are under proper scrutiny.  The clients deposits his money on to an escrow ( holding account) Once deposit is made the freelancer starts working on the project. Upon approval of the client, the transaction is considered complete and the freelancer gets his funds from the escrow. Coin lancer uses upto 20 different currencies. Its digital signature helps Identity Authentication and Protection. You can visit them here

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In Conclusion:

There you have it folks. Blockchain technology has something to offer everyone. Be it in the education sector or the government. It is here to disrupt till the time it becomes the norm. Freelancers rejoice, your time has come!

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