Blockchain: Gun Control’s Champion!

Blockchain: Gun Control’s Champion!


America’s constitution is the supreme law of the land. Written by the forefathers, it is the civil right and the municipal responsibility of all Americans. Nevertheless, the constitution has been changed 27 times since it was originally implemented. The Bill of Rights, which is a formal declaration of the legal and civil rights of the citizens of any state, county, federation, endorses right to own firearms!

The 2nd Amendment:


The 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights, maintains that every civilian has the right to firearm to protect himself and fellow being in case of an attack. When this act was written way back in the late 1700s, the world was quite different. The geography surrounding the area of our abode was wilderness. With marauders and looters on the prowl at all times, keeping a gun handy seemed like a sensible thing to do.

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As the time moves on, we as a society have become more civil and so has our terrain. The 2nd amendment however, still remains the same. While the debate rages on, in regard to Gun control and precautions to avoid mass shootings, one needs to open their eyes and see the protocols that have been implemented by the Japanese.

With the lowest death rate in all the developed countries, Japan has set an example for all of us.  A potential buyer has to go for a day long class on the evils of gun violence, where he has to give a test at the end.  Stringent medical and mental tests once cleared, lead to a through fine comb in the history and background check, which detect any criminal activity or extremist inclinations. If found, the person is denied the right to buy any gun. With firearms under strict surveillance, the death rate related due to them is usually in single digits annually!

Blockchain To the Rescue:

blockchain gun

To bring in change and avoid instances such as Sandy Hook, we need to rely on more than just the clerk at Walmart. Blockchain is the answer that can bring a balance in regards to purchase and sale of firearms all across America and complete ban on guns.

Blockchain is usually and mistakenly, considered to be synonymous to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While this may hold true in the FinTech Sector, Blockchain is a technology that is adaptable to each and every form of industry. Education, Healthcare or Media are just some of the examples.

Similarly, the technology that is used in creating a Blockchain can restrict anyone with a serious mental illness or criminal record from making the transaction for a firearm.  Individuals without background checks and identifying markers just like NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) that are embedded onto a blockchain system would not be able to purchase firearms.  The ledger would not process the request and ownership would never be transferred.

The technological disruption that will occur from Blockchain and decentralization in the coming decades will take on many important and innovative forms, but this technology will be most impactful when applied to truly making the world a safer and better place. Gun Control.

gun control

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In a country, as big as the United States, guns are many a times passed down generations. Many households have as many as 12 guns, of which, majority past owners are no longer alive.

Blockchain is holding gun users more accountable with smart guns and a fixed-point procedure which allows the user to create an alternative digital identity. In it the user has a one time access to establish their credentials, their detailed medical history, the description of their firearm and the total number of guns in their possession along with their individual identity number.

Point of Attack: Smart Guns/Smart Tech

The Internet of Things is helping make homes smart. Cities are also turning smart. Now guns themselves have a smart progression. Smart guns can identify authorized users with RFID chips, fingerprint recognition, magnetic rings, or mechanical locks. The security features are designed to prevent misuse, accidental shootings, gun thefts, and use of the weapon against the owner or the public.

blocksafe network

  • BlockSafe:

The Blocksafe Foundation aims to create anonymous, secure and a decentralized infrastructure. They consider it essential for smart gun technologies to reach their full potential. They aim to reduce gang activity, locate stolen firearms, prevent guns from being used in a homicidal manner. They have created a platform that includes Telehash, decentralized VPN (DVPN), Blockchain and Torrent technologies. Even the arms that they are making, have a sensor that is connected to the hybrid Blockchain network through offline infrastructure and connection systems. Owners of guns can use Blocksafe to manage, locate, control and view any smart device notifications from their firearms, in real time. If a gun is left unlocked for a long period of time the system can notify the gun owner through Telehash, a lightweight protocol with strong encryption to enable mesh networking. BlockSafe aims to implement this revolutionary system in law enforcement agencies and military groups for smarter data collection of guns and their use in both training and warfare. The network’s flagship notification is called ShotSpot. The discharge notification technology involved can notify the gun owners of any shots fired.

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While we may scream ourselves silly while stating our views regarding gun control, ironically, it is technology that is helping us maintain our humanity. Protocols keep in check impulses and whims of people who do not deserve to hold a machete, instead of a fully automatic machine gun. We hope and pray, what was kept as a consideration by the forefathers as a means of safekeeping, doesn’t turn into the biggest mistake ever!

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