Blockchain: Making Cloud Storage Look Like An Old Hat

Blockchain: Making Cloud Storage Look Like An Old Hat


After returning from a vacation, the first thing that enters your mind is probably uploading your photographs and videos onto the cloud for safekeeping. Once that is done, you can always post it online as per your convenience. However, the amount of data we can save on cloud is often limited, and some even pay hefty amount for additional cloud storage space.

Cloud storage facilities are currently hailed by many to be extremely secure. Many a times, we have emptied Terabyte upon Terabyte of data onto cloud platforms hoping they’ll be safe from any harm. The added silver lining was the accessibility that was offered to us with online data storage.

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Is Security An Illusion?

But, we would be considered ignorant if we believe so. There have been instances of data tampering, damage and at times even data being hacked. Cybercrimes are on the rise and clouds are usually the bulls eye for any hacker.

uber security

Uber Inc, recently came under scrutiny when it was revealed that they payed off hackers that had managed to breach their data storage. The data included emails, names, addresses and phone numbers of millions of their users was compromised last year. Upto 600,000 drivers even had their driving licence details breached. Uber now faces 3 lawsuits on the same matter, while having to justify why it chose to pay and request the hackers to delete the data that they had.

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The need of the hour is a decentralized cloud. Merging the technology of Blockchain Tech and Cloud storing. A decentralized clouding system gives us the benefit of online data availability and blockchain technology makes it decentralized. Decentralizing means no one port or one source has got the total of the data, it has been distributed to multiple users because of which it cannot be tampered or hacked into.

While this may seem like a goal that has been set for way into the future, there are a few trailblazers who have implemented the same into reality. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Storj:

Storj cloud storage

Probably the most known of the decentralized cloud platforms on the net, Storj is blockchain based, end to end encrypted distributed storage platform that lets you have access to your data in real time. This tweak in the already set format of the Cloud offers greater security and transparency.

2. Sia:


Sia offers it users utter privacy while it encrypts and distributes your files across a decentralized platform. It also aims to be the least expensive of cloud platforms. Offering amazing deals, there is sure to a package that can help your storage needs.

While the above mentioned may be doing an excellent job, no one comes close to IBM’s Cloud.

IBM cloud

What an amazing merge of the technologies. It offers its customers Built in security. The IBM Cloud also includes around-the-clock monitoring and alignment with key industry security standards. It uses activation tools for new networks, members, smart contracts and transaction channels. Multi-party workflow tools are also available.  It provides members integrated notifications and secure signature identification.

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These revolutionary platforms shall help us in creating a secure, hack-proof storage facility that  keeps our data safe. The decentralization is an added bonus. Don’t wait for your data to be hacked before you take the plunge. Transfer those files on the new level of BlackCloud now!

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