Blockchain Taxi: Decentralized Cab Service

Blockchain Taxi: Decentralized Cab Service


There are many different sectors that are joining the Blockchain tidal wave that is sweeping away one industry after another. Not one to be left behind is the taxi service sector (ride-sharing service)

One of the most famous service provider is Uber. With portals in almost all the countries in the world, Uber has become synonym as a go to taxi service. It is also the most ‘valuable’ privately-held corporation in the whole world.

But, what people don’t realise is that it is also the perfect example of a centralised structure. They can manipulate prices to suit their need and the sudden and unexpected ‘Surge’ is testament to that. What we need is an independent structure.

Structural Change: Blockchain

To decentralize it, the implementation of Blockchain technology is required.  This has been made a reality by a couple of trail blazers. They have used Blockchain to not only set the route and it’s distance covered to a set fixed cost, but, also shall soon provide the added bonus of earning cryptocurrencies as more and more distance is covered by travelling.

  1. Arcade City:

arcade city

Based out of Austin, Texas, this organisation prides itself on the manner of their operations. As a peer – to – peer organisation, it eliminates the role of a middle man or a centralised governing body. It also gives freedom to the driver. ( unlike in uber where in a driver must complete a certain number of rides to earn even a fraction of profit)

Arcade city allows them to:

  • Set their own rates
  • Negotiate and transact directly with riders
  • Build direct relationships with riders for a stable and recurring customer base
  • Self-organize into ‘pods’, co-ops, or their own businesses

These things may not seem like much, but to drivers who are on the road working, this is a boon. This independence ensures better service to the customers too. Arcade City is not dependant on its application, but they do recommend it. Also, you don’t necessarily have to pay the drivers in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You are free to pay them back in cash, cryptos or even tacos ( if the driver is willing).

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  1. CarTaxi: A taxi service for your car

car texi

Another revolutionary idea of implementing Blockchain Technology is in the field of Towing service. CarTaxi decentralizes the entire structure of towing and leads to a tip free and nominal cost for its services. Here too the driver decides if he wants to take up a ride and earn all the profit. They even offer services like insurance, convenience of the rider, payment surety, security of the vehicle transported,etc. Now that’s a lot of valuable service for your money.

There you have it folks! Be assured, that this is just the beginning. Slowly and steadily with Blockchain and decentralization becoming more mainstream, there is sure to be a rush for others to join in too. Consumer shall be king and the driver shall rule the road! Now that’s a disruption we can get behind!

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