Blockchain Technology: Creating a Community

Blockchain Technology: Creating a Community


What makes an event interesting is not the DJ or the tunes he plays. He can play the latest pop rock but it isn’t enough to lift up the mood of the party. The caterers may be serving the best of the food, but that too is never enough. To enjoy an event thoroughly and for it to become a success, what is most crucial is the people that are invited for it.

Before you get confused and wonder if you have come to the right page, let me ease your mind and establish that indeed you have. Only, we are talking about Blockchain Technology being the biggest party on the block and everyone is invited to it.

Cryptocurrency: Bigger than WoodStock!

Blockchain Technology has revolutionized the industry. Not just one, almost all such as Tourism, Education, health care amongst others. But, cryptocurrency continues to be the number one use of this advanced technology.

One would think that those who have invested/traded or simply bought cryptocurrency with the intent of holding on to it for a long time would do so quietly and then move on with their life. What no one expected was the advent of a sense of community amongst them.

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Traditionally, shareholders would meet up once a year at the annual meeting and exchange information of the amount of shares the other has and at what value they have purchased them or plan to sell?

  • Bitcoin: Now, Social media has eliminated such traditional norms. With Blockchain Technology being accessible to people from all over the world, it is a logistics nightmare trying to get all the investors together. This way, people join group, or create a hashtag under which they all compile. This can be especially noticed in Bitcoin investors who have given rise to monikers such as #Hodl (hold on to dear life) and even #ToTheMoon (the intent behind this is that Bitcoin will rise to a high value that is very farfetched. Apart from this, there is also talk of placing a real token with Bitcoin imprint onto a Space X shuttle to the moon in the future similar to the red Roadster that was launched into the space with the Starman astronaut.
  • Altcoins: With newer coins launching almost every other day, it becomes very important that the investors get up-to-date knowledge of the development that is occurring in it. Many a times, the coin developers themselves encourage and participate in such groups. They come in handy if and when things go south or in the off case of values surging.
  • ICO Communities: Oh, to be a frontrunner like ICO Token holders these pathbreakers deserve to have their name written in gold. Simply because they are the risk takers who would invest in a company and its token merely based on a published white paper. For all they know the developers can exit and flee with all the amount that was generated, and no one can stop them. Hence, they create a different sense of kinship in comparison to all the others that are invested in cryptos. Again, social media and forums such as Reddit and Quora help them keep up to date with the developments that are occurring in their ICO Token.

Virtual Money: The One Ring to Rule Them ALL!!

This community is driven with the comradery of being ahead of all others with their investment in cryptocurrency. This decentralized economy is the future and these people are part of this niche future. If Social Media is the tool and cryptocurrency is the reason because of which virtual strangers become friends, well, the world needs this doze of friendship. Keep it coming we say!

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