Blockchain Technology: Decentralizing Elections

Blockchain Technology: Decentralizing Elections


Sierra Leone. One would not be amiss if they couldn’t pinpoint its exact location on a map. This country is unfortunately one of the poorest in the whole of Africa, even the world. Years of civil unrest and draught has its base population living hand to mouth.

A ray of hope shines for them in the form of decentralized technology. Recently, they held their elections, but unlike other more developed countries, they did theirs on Blockchain Tech. This has been declared a first of its kind election to have been undertaken not via electrical poll machine that can be ideally hacked into, but with an immutable ledger. This way not only they pulled of something unique and untamperable, they also got instant results!

Take a Chance: Blockchain Comes To Aid

The working application of this tech was created by Leonardo Gammar of Agora Research Team. They are a Swiss Lab based foundation that is working exclusively on Blockchain Technology. They managed the unachievable, when they custom created a ledger on which they registered all the voters of Sierra Leone’s western province. This was further enabled with high security protocols in place. This resulted in untampered results in any manner and maintained being third-party verifiable.

While all the voters remain anonymous, their votes and ballots were recorded onto Agora’s Blockchain.“Sierra Leone wishes to create an environment of trust with the voters in a contentious election, especially looking at how the election will be publicly viewed post-election. By using Blockchain as a means to immutably record ballots and results, the country hopes to create legitimacy around the election and reduce fall-out from opposition parties,” Gammar has reportedly said.

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Make a Change: Upcoming Blockchain Companies.

What is heartening being that, this is not the only company that is focusing on the development in this sector. Many more are focused on decentralized elections as that results in a stable government and helps avoid civil unrest.

  • Democracy Earth: Hoping to make all into citizens of the world, this company is focused on creating a borderless peer to peer democracy. It is focused on not just the actual electoral polling, but also the countries budget (with the help of Bitcoin), maintaining policy transparency and its red tape (with the help of Smart Contracts) and giving the citizens a digital identity. Keep your eyes open for this one folk!
  • Votem: Offering online voter registration, a mobile voting platform, electronic ballot marking, amongst other options, it is quite surprising to know that Votem has started operating only since 2014. They offer a trust platform that validates every vote in real-time. They have also created an ecosystem with which non-government elections be it for labour unions, Fan Voting and private association elections can be undertaken with the same level of security that is available for government voting.

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And Breakaway: Blockchain, The Eventual Future

With the implementation of the Blockchain Technology in the field of elections, one can be assured that the entire exercise shall be faster and more secure. There is no denying that undertaking a government election is cumbersome but, at the same time the results it provides are worth the effort. Powerful countries like the USA have recently come under the flak of probable spiked elections and under such circumstances Sierra Leone’s step towards building a fair, transparent and a trustworthy voting system comes with a lot of hope! Maybe, it is this technology, that becomes the key to achieving world peace.

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