Blockchain Technology Set To Revamp Social Media Platform

Blockchain Technology Set To Revamp Social Media Platform


The recent Facebook fiasco has brought to light the pitiful state of cyber security protocols that have been in place on social media apps. A giant organization like Facebook, which has under its banner Instagram and WhatsApp, needs to be held accountable. This severe breach of an individual’s digital identity and eventual data mining has rudely opened our eyes to the blatent disregard corporations have for security protocols and user privacy. It seems only right that people in general are boycotting Facebook and other social media platforms.

Social Media Addiction: A Reflection

But, there is one fly in the ointment. We ourselves are addicted to social media. It may be for any reason, stalking your ex, knowing what’s happening with your children who live far away, or maybe you just want to show-off your high lifestyle!

That perfect slice of avocado toast, that art on your morning cup of latte or even the skyline of your city in the twilight. One has become addicted to sharing these images with friends and family who now come under the moniker, Followers.

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It was this exact thing, this rush of increasing one’s followers that we put our own safety and security secondary and start allowing unknown people to become followers of our page. In the quest of gathering maximum number of likes, hearts and impressions, we pump out more content. We share pictures of our cute kids and pets. We tag in our location, we feed our timeline with our likes and dislikes.

Until and unless we stop and completely abandon social media applications, such instances shall continue. In that case the only logical scenario is to completely disrupt and decentralize the format of social media.

Blockchain Technology is the answer to this problem.

Blockchain Technology:  Disrupting Social Media

Blockchain Technology is a decentralized technical platform where one can store and save data, content, create smart contracts, and even store files which are basically pictures of one’s pets and kids. All this personal and private data can be stored onto the multiple nodes from where the user can choose and decide who gets to see and access the files and with whom they want to share it with.

Due to the prevailing ignorance amongst people in regard to all things Blockchain, the eventual boom of these DApps (Decentralized Apps) may take a little while longer but there is no denying that to ensure one’s Digital Identity is not compromised, DApps are the way to go!

Let’s take a look at some of the pioneers of this field.

  • SteemIt:


SteemIt is a decentralized Application that connects people on various topics. Having similarity to both Facebook and Reddit, people use this platform for curated content. But, apart from traditional options, it also offers its users cryptocurrency in exchange of every post, every like, every pic shared and every comment made on its platform. STEEM, Steem Power and Steem Dollars are the cryptos that this platform supports. Once you have enough of them, you can either trade them for Bitcoin or change them to cold hard cash from Bittex or use it to shop online on Peer HUB (an online store that accepts Steem). One of the most important things to keep in mind while using this DApp is that there is no password recovery. As the platform of Blockchain is decentralized, no one, other than the user has access to the password. Hence it is strongly recommended that one stores a copy of the password somewhere safe. This comes to aid in the case of a hard drive failure or any other calamity.

  • Indorse:


Indorse is similar yet very different from LinkedIn. Exclusively catering to professionals, this DApp is perfect for those who want to show off their skills professionally. Users get their skills validated by professionals of their respective fields. Furthermore, it even has a Reputation Score with which one can display the immense value that one can bring to any organization. It is also helpful to connect different business who are on the same decentralized Blockchain platform. With multiple business partners, it becomes the perfect platform for one to connect with industry giants.

  • Obsidian Messenger:

obsidian messenger

Obsidian Secure Messenger (Beta Version Released) is already becoming a favorite of the masses with its multiple cyber security features that it offers. State of the art cryptography ensures that this DApp that is similar to WhatsApp is a step ahead of any cyber-attacks that come its way. Its multiple features that it offers are sending and receiving text messages and importing and exporting images on to multiple media platforms apart from OSM. Offering its users, end to end encryption this platform is a class apart. Do check it out!

A Change IS Coming

As the Facebook breach fiasco keeps on mushrooming into being the scandal of our lifetime, we need to ensure that any content that we want to share with our peers is safe and secure and there is no chance of it being mined to serve a selfish purpose of any corporation, organization or for that matter any individual.

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