Blockonomy: Booming Economy in the Blockchain Sector

Blockonomy: Booming Economy in the Blockchain Sector


We are trying to overcome an economic slump. Traditional industries have limited scope and opportunities. In the meantime, we are getting introduced to new technologies every day. Cryptocurrency trading has slowly become a source of income generation. Developers, Coders, Computer Language Experts have started to work online while sitting at home in their shorts! Earning them a salary either in normal currency or in cryptos.

Now a new fad (for the lack of a better word) has risen in relation to Blockchain technology. BLOCKATHONS!

What are Blockathons?

In 2010/2011, ethical hackers were invited to meet and collaborate to find loopholes in security procedures or ways in which a given platform could be hacked into. That gave rise to HACKATHONS all over the globe. They became a good pool to hunt for raw talent. Similarly, derived from the mash-up of Blockchain and marathons, Blockathons are events hosted by companies, universities and at a few places, sometimes even by the government of countries. Usually hosted over the weekends, they open their doors to freshers and professionals alike.

blockchain in eduation

An average time of 30 to 36 hours is allotted, to create an innovation or develop a module implementing Blockchain Technology.

Individuals are divided into teams of 10 and given a free hand to just create. The winning team gets monetary rewards and outstanding players are even offered jobs on the spot! This developing technology and its market is always on a lookout for the next big thing. Blockathons are a good platform to mingle with professionals, learn from them and increase an individual’s network opportunities.

Its Prerequisites:

There is no qualification per se, that is required to enter the event. But, knowledge of programming languages is a must as the team can decide their topic for development based on the skillset of the people involved. Apart from an entrance fee, all they ask you to bring, is your own computer. Blockathons seek to bring together designers, developers, entrepreneurs and creative technologists to flesh out ideas. The general belief is that technology should be built by people from different backgrounds and perspectives.


Blockchain technology is being used in many different fields.

  1. Education
  2. Tourism
  3. Media
  4. Healthcare Sector
  5. E-Governance
  6. Banking
  7. Creating Smart cities
  8. Digital Identity

These are merely a few examples. Blockchain technology has revolutionized the entire logistics and corporate structure. Major inroads are being made to connect startups and big institutions with Blockchain Technology.

Head Hunters:

Some companies are hiring employers specifically to develop their companies blockchain technology. They are helped in their quest by the following companies:

  • Satoshi Talent:

Satoshi Talent

probably the pioneers of blockchain recruitment, Satoshi Talent has an open two-way give and take on hiring. They hire blockchain engineers while allowing corporate companies to hunt for blockchain experts on their platform.

  • Appii:


Another first, in terms of biometric verification of your CVs. Appii verifies your credentials and gives out a super charged CV what is sure to showcase your achievements in terms of blockchain technology.

  • Coinality:


They are pioneers who coordinated the world’s first bitcoin job fair, way back in 2014. They offer services of recruitment for employers and employees to pay salaries in cryptocurrencies. Specifically, Bitcoins and Litecoins.

There you have it. The future looks to be connected to Blockchain technology. Next time, when there is a convention in your town’s city hall, be aware they may be there to invent a crucial aspect of your future. That shorts and sandal geek just may be your Saviour.

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