Can Cryptocurrency Be Mined On A Raspberry Pi?

Can Cryptocurrency Be Mined On A Raspberry Pi?


The Raspberry Pi was invented with the intent of increasing interest of kids and grownups alike in the field of computing. In recent times, people and all out geniuses have managed to tweak and change and use this device in a multiple number of projects. Some have gone above and beyond imagination by integrating a Raspberry Pi app as a Cryptocurrency hard wallet.  Now, comes a question that shall make Satoshi Nakamoto have sleepless nights! Can cryptocurrency be mined on a Raspberry Pi? Spoilers! The answer is Yes!

Declaration: This Exercise Is Futile! Or Is It?

Before we begin, there are a few things we need to keep in mind. Some projects are done with the intent of providing a pathway for future generations, some with the intent of generating a profit amongst others. Hence, the entire exercise of cryptocurrency mining is undertaken in strict and controlled environments as the cost of electricity should not surpass the amount of crypto mined. Needless to say, many are now looking for green ways to mine cryptocurrency via hydromining. So, it is with good intent that we suggest that crypto mining on a Raspberry Pi is counterproductive.

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The amount of electricity it shall cost to run this exercise shall not be covered in the crypto that is mined. Having said that, this exercise is important as it is the best way to learn the process of cryptocurrency mining. Crypto mining is a tedious process and professional processors often overheat while undertaking the process of mining. The risk factor that is involved in running the algorithm of crypto mining is a stunt that bears a lot of protective gears and deep pockets. Trust us, these are both necessary.

Raspberry Pi Meets Cryptocurrency: A Cacophonic Symphony

The thing about mining cryptocurrency and particularly Bitcoin is that it involves verification of any and all transaction that occur on the Blockchain. Hence, crypto miners usually create a unique hash that is based on the transactions that occur in a Block or Node that is to be used for the next Block or Node on the Blockchain. The entire process of verification is meticulous at best, but, it is also an ‘edge of the seat’ race. After all the prize at the end, is that the winner is he/she who, verifies a Block or a Node. All this for a payoff in the form of a share of the Bitcoin Block reward.

Raspberry Pi Meets Cryptocurrency

Coming to Raspberry Pi, one of the most important things to keep in mind in order to mine cryptocurrency with it is that, don’t start with Bitcoin. Don’t go after the granddaddy of cryptocurrency. If one does attempt to mine Bitcoin right off the bat with a Raspberry Pi, they shall face an utter loss in 2 forms:

  • The massive cost incurred due to the high amount of electric power used
  • In crypto mining, the more the mining happens, the higher the value of the crypto rises. That is counterproductive to do on a Raspberry Pi as it lacks high computing strength that is required to run the Hash.

What one can do, is mine the newer coins. Alt Coins that are not yet as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum but holding steady in this volatile market. Their algorithm is friendlier to be undertaken on a Raspberry Pi and are more energy efficient to undertake. Some of the easy to mine Alt Coins are VeChain Thor, Monaco, Golem and Neo amongst others.

Verdict: Raspberry Pi Is The Ultimate Learning Platform For Crypto Mining.

In order to learn the entire process that is involved in cryptocurrency mining, the Raspberry Pi is the perfect device. With it, one can learn the basics involved in cryptocurrency mining and then advance on to other platforms. A Raspberry Pi can be purchased from Amazon here. If not, there is always DragonMint 16T or The Avalon 6. Happy Mining!

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