Can Taking Selfies Be Considered as an Obsession?

Can Taking Selfies Be Considered as an Obsession?

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Whether you’re out on a vacation or chilling at home on your couch, taking selfies can be your favorite pastime no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Selfie—over time this little term has become one of the most trending buzzwords amongst the millennials. Thanks to the smartphone evolution as selfies is one of the best uses of the front cam that one could’ve possibly thought of. And when it comes to social media, you see this addiction being shared on a common platform where millions of people are posting their selfies every day on their personal accounts. Some are flaunting their new makeup or some are just bored on a Sunday afternoon and have nothing good to do otherwise. But yes, love it or hate it, we’re all part of this selfie-league!

But is this modern obsession getting too much on your nerves that it affects your mental health? Do you think you’re obsessed with taking selfies too? Here’s a little insight on the same that can actually put some light on your selfie obsession. This can only make sense when you think about it!

How Did the Selfie Term Originate?

If we roll back a decade in time, we literally haven’t heard of this term ever in our lives. Selfies came hand in hand along with smartphones and high-resolution front cams that gave us an option to click pictures in a different style. You’ll be surprised to know that Selfie was also awarded “Word of the year” award by Oxford Dictionary and there’s a whole Wikipedia page which lists down everything about the word “Selfie” in the most excruciating detail.

How Did the Selfie Term Originate
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Talking about how this term originated, so it was the year 2003 when this word became a part of Oxford dictionary and was given a universal acceptance and since then Selfies have become an everyday affair and our favorite obsession.

And yes, there’s even a World Selfie Day that falls on 21st of June every year. Isn’t that surprising?

The Dark Side of Selfies?

So, now let’s talk about the dark side of selfies? Do you think selfie obsession could result into a mental disorder? Could taking selfies prove out to be that dangerous of a task that it could affect your brain? Well, unfortunately, the answer is yes! Many cases have been reported and if you believe what experts have to say on this then taking too many selfies is considered as a mental disorder which has got quite common amongst teens.

The Dark Side of Selfies
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When an individual is posting a Selfie on social media, it becomes more than a photograph. It’s about the looks, appearance, background, emotions, clothes, filters and probably everything. Some experts have also said that taking too many selfies in a day and uploading them on social media can also depict that you are way too self-obsessed with your appearance and how you take pride in yourself, like a narcissist. It’s like having a social competition where you want to prove that you are far better than others and then this can also have a negative impact on others who’re viewing your selfies as it might make them feel less superior.

Is Social Media Making Us Do This?

Is Social Media Making Us Do This
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Yes, to some extent it’s true! If you see how apps like Snapchat and Instagram work, you will find the answer right there itself. Apps like these purely revolve around face filters, adding a bunch of captions, editing the background where we could tweak our selfies and post it on our respective social media accounts for the sake of fun.

What Could Possibly Be the Solution to Curb this Addiction?

social fever

Like we said earlier, selfies come hand in hand with smartphones. So, if you curb your smartphone addiction and bring it under control, it will also minimize your selfie obsession. You can download Social Fever app that can be your companion for fighting this addiction. Social Fever app allows you to manage your time wisely where you get time to connect with the real world, rather being prone to gadgets all the time. It allows you to do things that actually make you happy, that make you feel alive!

So, what’re you waiting for? Download Social Fever app now if your Selfie obsession is too high so that you can make the most of your time doing something productive.

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