Cell Phones for Visually Impaired and Blind

Best Cell Phones for Visually Impaired and Blind

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Cell phones have become a necessary gadget for everyone to communicate. But everyone is different, and everyone has different needs and to suit those needs technology has ensured that there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a cell phone for your dear one who has vision related problems, then this article will be of help because here we are listing 10 innovative cell phones for visually impaired or blind people. These devices are really helpful for them in making or receiving calls and some of them can even help in texting.

Cell Phones for Blind Or Visually Impaired

1. Just5 J509

Just 5 is a well know name when it comes to devices for visually impaired people. It has a vast range of cell phones and J509 is one of them. From the front it looks like a calculator. It has big buttons with hollow curvy shape which are helpful in identifying keys. This cellphone has amplified sound and PERS system (Personal emergency response system) that help to get you help in case of emergency. It has a dedicated SOS button on the back side. So, your dear ones can reach out to you easily in case of an emergency.

cell phones for visually impaired

2. Kisa Phone

Kisa phone is a different kind of phone in itself. You will be surprised to know that this phone comes without display. You can get 10 buttons fixed in plastic which can be names of people or can be there photos. You can customize your phone at the time you are ordering it. With Kisa phone you can directly call a person by pressing on the photo or the name. You can add customized buttons for your Doctor or driver so that they can be quickly called. Once you are familiar with the correct sequence you can easily call anyone. This makes it one of the best cell phone for visually impaired people.

cell phones for visually impaired

3. MAXCOM Comfort MM715

Maxcom comfort MM715 is a GSM phone which deserves to be in top 3 picks in this list of cell phones for visually impaired. Built and the design of this phone is suitable for people with visibility issues and the real catch is the wristband which comes with it. It has a dedicated SOS switch, by pressing it, any emergency number can be called quickly. The band is waterproof and has a range from about 20 meters up to 100 meters.

cell phones for visually impaired

4. Snapfon ezTWO3G

Snapfone ez TWO3G is simply a giant keypad phone with colorful display which shows you the details of callers’ text messages etc. long-lasting battery dedicated SOS switch and adjustable volume are some of the key features of this device. You can also get it in attractive offer from various carriers in USA.

cell phones for visually impaired

5. Emporia Select

There was a time when flip phones were very popular but these days this concept has become extinct. But another phone on our list that can help visually impaired is the same flap phone and the concept is very simple when you need to use the phone you need to open the flip. This helps to reduce accidental dialing of numbers. Under the flap there is a giant size keypad and a big screen. SOS button is given on the back side to make emergency calls with a touch.

cell phones for visually impaired

cell phones for visually impaired

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6. Doro 824

Doro 824 is smartphone for senior citizens or Visually Impaired people. It has 5.0-inch screen that you can customize same as Kisa phone. Only the person using it needs to touch the right icon and it will start functioning. It has hard buttons at the bottom that make it easier to use. You can enable screen reading option that is an inbuilt feature and because of its ability to function on 4G band width you can also install apps that can help blind or visually impaired.

cell phones for blind

7. Emporia Smart

Emporia smart is the best smartphone for elderly. It is known for its out of the box design. It has a 4.5-inch touch screen display, but it comes with a keypad cover with giant sized keys. Display is beautifully customized to work both with keypad and touch screen. The phone works on Android operating system and has a stylus pen, FM radio, touch and one touch emergency call button.

cell phones for blind

8. Jitterbug Smart

Another pick in our list of cell phones for blind or Visually impaired is jitter bug smart. It cannot help if you are looking for a device for a completely blind person. Designed by Alcatel, the larger fonts and a well-sorted menu makes it one of the best cell phones for visually impaired and elderly people. cell phones for blind


Next device on our list is from BLU with 2.4-inch display and keypad that is well placed to help people who have vision related issues. It also has a dedicated SOS button that is placed under camera. Keys or phone are made from high quality material and they do not get fade easily.

cell phones for blind


Yantai has introduced a basic 2G phone to help visible impaired people. It is also a low-cost solution at the same time. It has bigger keys that can help people who have completely lost their vision. Quality of the phone is very good, and it is made from durable material battery backup is also satisfactory but depends on the usage.

cell phones for blind

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So, these were 10 best cell phones for visibly impaired  or blind you can choose any one of them to give your dear ones a new way to keep in touch with you with all the devices. It is easy to receive and make calls and with these devices they are always safe because of dedicated SOS button.

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  • Jeff
    It seems like the phones are designed for low vision people, but not for blind people. Please correct me if I missed something.

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  • Birma
    Where can you purchase these?

    6 months ago Reply
    • Srishti Sisodia

      Thank you for your comment. You can find these items on Amazon and or simply click on the links available in the blog to reach the purchase page.

      6 months ago Reply

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