CES 2019: Big Launches At Day 1

CES 2019: Big Launches At Day 1


World’s biggest electronic is finally unveiled in Las Vegas and with this big announcement have started to make headlines. CES is the event where companies get a chance to stand out, show what they have, and break the buzz.

Here we bring for you the latest updates and news about launches.

Royole the Chinese company beats Samsung by launching flexible phone, smart speaker, flexible keyboard, and other devices with foldable displays.

FlexPai the first flexible AMOLED screen phone was launched in November before CES 2019. But today at CES along with FlexPai (7.8-inch phone). Royole brings smart speaker with 7.8-inch AMOLED touchscreen that bends at 100 degrees. Just swipe through the screen and play music. Moreover, the company shows off smart-touch selfie stick with multi-touch sensors around the handle.


Official pricing for the devices is not yet revealed but Royole plans to sell flexible keyboard by Q2 of 2019

Certainly, it is hard to believe how a startup company can beat tech giants like Samsung, Huawei, and LG but by showing off FlexPai at CES 2019 Royole has proved what startups can do.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad with a changed Recipe: Without the launch of new PCs we cannot expect CES. Today at CES we saw Lenovo’s newest 4th gen ThinkPad X1 Yoga convertible laptop with unibody aluminum chassis starting at $ 1,929.99.

lenova thinkpad price changed

A new version of ThinkPad Carbon X1 price starting at $1,709.99. ThinkPad Carbon X1 will be shipped in June while ThinkPad X1 Yoga Convertible Notebook will be shipped in June.

LG’s OLED TV: Finally, LG unveiled its first flexible OLED television at CES 2019. It is the most exciting TV seen in years.

lg oled tv in ces 2019

LG’s OLED has new A9 Generation 2 processor, is installed into a base that it can pull back into, it has a whole speaker and is 65 inches in sizes.

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Samsung’s 8K Tv: Where consumers are still thinking about 4K TV Samsung is offering QLED with 8K display 98-inch. 8K TV models are available for pre-order in the US now. Apart from this Samsung reveals its bot squad named Samsung Bot Air (for home), Bot Retail, Bot Care (for health), and Bot Gems kind of mobility assistance.

samsung 8k tv

Moreover, Samsung is showing off a 75-inch set with MicroLED technology claiming to be brighter and long-lasting than the current OLED. Also, Samsung will start including Apple iTunes movies, TV shows into the software offerings on its smart TV platform starting this Spring.

5G Routers: 5G network connectivity is making the headlines and with this, there were announcements about the 5G router. D-Link replaces the traditional modem with 5G broadband. This means you can now have a solid 5G offering. According to D-Link the 5G router will hit speed up to 40X faster than 70Mbps household broadband.

5g routers

HTC Vive Pro Eye: At 2:06 PM HTC announced Vive Eye with built-in eye tracking. This means it can track your eye movements to make gaming more detailed.

htc vive pro eye

Blood Simple: Along with ECG feature in smart watches Withings is showing off a coolest blood pressure monitor called BPM Core. It can take your pressure and can also act as a stethoscope. It will be able to detect the irregular heartbeat and valvular heart disease. It will be available later this spring for $250.

blood simple

Intel’s Lakefield Project: At CES the silicon giant Intel showed off new 5G devices and announced 9th gen Core processors based on the current 14-nanometer production process.

intel projects

Lakefield is a system on a chip (SoC) with a five-core CPU fused with memory, next-generation Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 3.

Alexa comes to Temi Robot: At CES Robotemi, the robotics company announced it’s bringing Alexa to Temi robot. It will go on sale in March for a price of $1,499 including shipping.

alexa temi robots

Initially, the robot was designed to help elderly but with screen providing and Echo show it has now transformed into a voice-activated tool that can perform tasks beyond video calling.

Two new receivers by Onkyo: Two new receivers: 7.2 channel TX-SR494 and 5.2-channel TX-SR393 with lower price and Atmos compatibility are announced by Onkyo at CES 2019. The receivers can convert a Dolby Atmos 5.2.2 system in 3.2.2. front-surround.

Intel and Alibaba partners on Artificial Intelligence: The two companies Intel and Alibaba are collaborating to develop AI technology to join Alibaba’s cloud with upcoming Intel hardware to compute power for 3D athlete tracking. Both companies are combining deep-learning algorithm with computer vision through multiple cameras to generate3D mesh model.

intel in AI with alibaba

For now, this all about the important announcements made. We will keep on updating the latest news from time to time. So, stay connected to get all the details.

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