CES 2019: Day 3 Announcements & Expectations

CES 2019: Day 3 Announcements & Expectations


CES 2019 is now in full swing & the countdown to “Day 3” has already begun. We’ve seen major keynotes from Lenovo, AMD, Sony, LG, MSI, Samsung and others. Some of them were innovative, some of them were wacky. Expect more of the same today!

Whether you’re into laptops, TVs, VR, Robotics, Gaming, Wearables or Smart Technology, there’s something at the CES for everyone this year.

Scroll down to see upcoming announcements and major highlights of Day 3!

Exploring New Announcements On CES 2019: Day 3

It’s day 3 at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and here’s what you all can expect.

CES 2019: 5G Technology & IoT

5G will take IoT to the next level! Connecting billions of devices to the Internet, these are the major highlighting companies contributing towards this technology.

SmartEmbed: French Startup, SmartEmbed will be introducing an IoT connected device for showers to control the water consumption & mitigate both water and energy bills. After installation, connect it with your phone to set shower temperature and duration. Once the duration will be reached, the water will turn off automatically. What’s more interesting? You can also enjoy your favourite music which will be played by waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Cool right? The device will be known as – Edoo.drop!


Bosch: With the concept of Shuttle Vehicle, Bosch a leading global supplier of technology and services presents connected solutions for mobility and homes of the future. The vehicle will be a compilation of automation, connectivity and electrification that will offer visitors a chance to experience a first-hand mobility which will be emission-free, accident-free and stress-free.


Qorvo: From smart homes to connected cars, Qorvo an American company takes initiative to provide leading solutions to answer RF Challenges for wearables and other devices. The company is working on showcasing innovative ultra-power wireless data communication controller chips that will help in tracking, energy efficiency, smart lightning, video monitoring and much more for homes. They are also working on drones and wearables to offer unique solutions with multi-stack, multi-protocol IoT Controllers. Everything will be based on Zigbee & Bluetooth (BLE) technologies.


UEI: Universal Electronics Inc. is a leading tech giant to offer cutting-edge solutions for universal control and sensing technologies for smart homes. The reputable firm is all set to collaborate with Microsoft to launch a new digital assistant platform (that will be known as – Nevo Butler (for now)) designed for smart homes with the help of AI and IoT services. This end-to-end voice-enabled hub will be built on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and will be bundled with several certified devices to offer safety, security, energy management, entertainment and hospitality applications.


Cisco: While everyone else spent CES 2019 talking about 5G technology, Cisco is taking a step forward towards 6G and will be discussing about possible technological innovation it will bring in coming years. The company will also be shedding light on quantum computing, VR and AR technologies.   

CES 2019: Smart Cities

Smart Cities represents the concept of linking entire ecosystem that will offer all the cutting-edge tech solutions & inventions in a dedicated area of city.

NanoScent: NanoScent is an Israel Startup company claims as the ‘The World’s Ecosystem for Scent Recognition’. The company is planning to introduce a real-time detector that will sense, monitor and alert about amount of (VOC) Volatile Organic Compounds present in the air. This would be a great step towards conserving energy & cleaning up the environment to transform cities for better and being smarter.

Sprint: An American telecommunications company that offers wireless services will be announcing that Greenville, South Carolina will be seeing its first smart city build-out on both IoT platform & 5G network connectivity.


Some well-known companies like LG and W8less are also working on the same concept to bring connected vehicles, smart machines to operate in real-time in cities and autonomous drones.

AT&T: With the initiative to execute smart lightning solutions to improve public safety and energy efficiency across Las Vegas, AT&T in collaboration with Ubicquia will be announcing a ‘real-time platform’ that can monitor energy usage and outages to enhance streetlight maintenance. 

 AT and T in CES

CES 2019: Robotics

Robotics is one of the most talked tech trends in the industry right now. Types of robots you’ll be meeting at CES 2019 are:

Borderline Robots: That have a lot of moving parts and sensing apparatus. When it comes to working like laundry-folding or making bread loaves, these machines will act more likely as real humans.

Robots that are Tablet on Wheels: Machines that will be excellent at communication and controlling smart home devices.

Lovot: Lovot is an advanced robot that is designed to be loved and looked after. The bot is specifically created for offering warm hug of friendships.

CES 2019: Drones

Drone technology are setting milestones, and some of the major attractions set by companies are:

DJI: If you’re expecting an alternative to using your smartphone as a drone controller, then this might be a surprise for you. DJI, a Chinese technology company will be launching an innovative controller for avid drone users which will be compatible with DJI Smart Controller, Mavic 2 PRO, and Mavic 2 Zoom.


AirSelfie: The company is all set to introduce three new selfie drones, AIR 100, AIR ZEN, AIR DUO at CES 2019 on Day 3. AIR 100 costing for $99.95, will be the company’s most affordable & intuitive entry-level aerial camera. AIR Zen will be industry’s first autonomous flight, zenith aerial camera under $139.95. AIR DUO will be the first aerial camera to feature dual lenses for landscape and HD videos and Zenith photos. Its cost will be around @229.95.


To attend keynote addresses, SuperSessions and other conferences, register yourself for CES here!

The show will wind up on Friday, January 11. To get regular updates about CES 2019, stay tuned!

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