CES 2019: What To Expect On Day 2

CES 2019: What To Expect On Day 2


There are still few hours for the opening of Day 2. And we are all too impatient for knowing what next cutting-edge technology is going to be unveiled.

Well, we have gathered some of the bits of what can we expect from Day 2 at CES 2019. Let us have a look at them.

1. The Flying Car & Smart Vehicle Tech

The Flying Car & Smart Vehicle Tech
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We can expect a flying car on Day 2. As the major production ‘The Flying Car’ CEO will be interacting many other tech specialists about the future of transportation infused with AI. Various manufacturing giants are planning to build flying cars for both commercial and personal use.

Efficiency in transportation will increase with 5G connectivity in self-driving cars. A self-driving car takes merely split-seconds to make a decision depending on the data transfer with zero latency. With 5G connectivity, car becomes its own data center and would be able to make crucial decision more accurately.

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More and more, we can also expect biometric in vehicles for accessing. Biometrics with AI will also monitor health of the driver sitting inside. This way more improved safety could be implemented in future transportation models.

Panasonic, Apple, Intel and Amazon have already announced their tech-savvy concepts for smart-driving cars. Mobileye also joined CES 2019 at day 1 and regarding auto safety proposed automatic preventative braking to eliminate rear-end collisions.

2. A New Range Of GPUs & CPUs From AMD For Gaming

New Range Of GPUs & CPUs From AMD For Gaming

On day 2, AMD guests and its president and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will keynote on future aspects of gaming, entertainment and virtual reality to redefine modern life.

Several new applications and products will be unveiled to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. AMD will introduce world’s first 7 nm range of CPUs and GPUs. AMD is expected to be unveiling the world’s fastest processor for ultrathin laptops, 2nd Gen Ryzen Mobile Processors and Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics for immersive gaming experience.

Furthermore, 7th Generation A-Series Processors for Google Chromebooks will also be a highlight.

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3. 6G, Quantum Internet & 5G

Quantum Internet & 5G

As 5G is out there 8K UHD broadcasts and multiplayer VR gaming with no latency would be smoother and lag free.

5G would ring the bell to many manufacturers as more network speed would require strong infrastructure with maximum computing capabilities. Edge computing technology will take a leap forward with implementation of this network connectivity.

Quantum Internet is believed to be entering the world within next ten years. A roleplay of lightning fast speed and cutting-edge technology would be used to transfer information, bringing nearly everything at your fingertips.

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A true 5G is believed to be rolled out from 2019-2021, which would be a game changer to end the running decade.

We hope to see you all tomorrow on Day 2 at CES 2019.

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