Clash of The Titans: HTC Exodus Vs Finney Smartphone

Clash of The Titans: HTC Exodus Vs Finney Smartphone


Blockchain technology is here to stay. The faster one starts to accept this fact the faster they can adapt to the same. With it, comes the freedom from centralization. No more justifying to the man the origins of the fiat currency and how one has to follow protocols upon protocols to gain access to one’s hard earned money. With decentralization, one can do the same simply by accessing their digital wallet. Irrespective where on earth they are located. One can do so without having to pay the additional transaction fees that are usually levied by the banks on us.

To bask in such freedom, one needs to gear up and welcome the new wave of technological gadgets that come along with it. More specifically, one needs to have a Blockchain enabled smartphone with which investment trading and all such transactions can be done smoothly. Such instruments were unheard off previously. One thought that in order to access anything in relation to a Blockchain, the computing power that was required was unfathomable by a mere phone. Now, we have 2 different brands that are waving the flags of being the trailblazers in this field.

Battle of The Blockchain Phones: HTC Exodus Vs Finney Smartphone

While we would love to have a blog, which provides detailed reviews for these, HTC hasn’t yet released the specifications of Exodus. Due to which, in this blog we shall be focusing only on the wallets and coins that can be traded on these phones.

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Meet the Contenders: Sirin Labs Vs HTC

  • Sirin Labs: This company has a whole line of Blockchain based gadgets.
  • HTC: Renowned cellular phone company. This is its first foray in Blockchain based gadgets.

Let’s begin with the one that got the ball rolling.

Sirin Labs:

Sirin Labs

While it was merely speculation, back in September ‘17, that Bitcoin shall rise to unprecedented heights, a before unknown company made a big claim. They announced a whole range of Blockchain based electronic gadgets ranging from a smartphone to a computer and to top it all off, their own Sirin OS. its devices are going to be delivered to the customers in October 18, but that hasn’t stopped Sirin Labs rom sharing what features the devices shall have. Primarily, they shall have one thing in common apart from the OS. A preinstalled cold Wallet that shall be compatible with all the major cryptos in the market and even tokens. All this on a Peer to Peer network that is secure and allows resource sharing.

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It offers its users a whole range of products that have additional cyber protection and BlockShield. (A proprietary Technology) with which the cold wallet, all transactions undertaken are secured by them. BlockShield™ also consists of multiple built-in protection features:

  • A physical security switch,
  • Trusted Display,
  • MAC Address Randomization
  • IP Address Hiding.

Another thing that works in the customers favor is that it offers them feeless DLC (Distributed Ledger Consensus). Due to this, transactions are faster and cheaper. It even offers the users the option of accessing their DApp store.

While there are many further details that Sirin Lab has shared with the users, they can be accessed on their site here.


HTC bloackchain phone

On the polar opposite of the spectrum lies HTC. Where in Sirin Labs has been more than generous in sharing with their future customers all the specifications about their products, HTC has till now kept mum. They have released a minor blue screen paper in which the build of the Exodus Smartphone has been illustrated. There is no information available on its size and compatibility. All we have are quotes by their top management people and a vague promise that they shall be delivering the device in October of this year.

Industry expert Mr. Jules White, from Vanderbilt University, says, “The appeal there is not that this is something you can’t do with a regular phone. I think they’re trying to do it in a way that has a bit more hardware protection. They mention a ‘hardware enclave,’ which I think just means having a special chip on the device that is able to store your private keys and information in your wallet that would be able to access this stuff in a way that would be much more difficult for someone to tamper with if your phone was lost or stolen.”

On the topic of cryptography, he further stated, “There are lots of ways you could store data into a Blockchain—the jury is still out on whether this is really a good idea. When you write something into the Blockchain, it’s essentially a public record that anybody in the network can see and verify. You have to have some other encrypted controls on it, but that assumes that you would never discover a flaw in the cryptography.”

While the jury is out in regard to the features that will be incorporated in Exodus, one thing is for sure. Their primary focus is on ensuring Blockchain security and helping the users create DApps.

In Conclusion:

Time alone shall tell us which of the 2 phones shall rule the market. But one thing is clear. The cryptocurrency investors are going to be spoiled for choice. As more and more such gadgets enter the market, one can be sure to choose a device that suits their needs best and also offers key features such as additional security and faster transaction on the wallet. Wait and watch folks. We know we are!

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