Cloud: An Efficient Cryptomining Platform

Cloud: An Efficient Cryptomining Platform


Data centers bigger than the eyes can see. This is Cloud Mining – The Future. Have you ever wanted to make an investment so great that it can provide you for years down the line?


What is cloud Mining?


Cloud mining is bitcoin mining over the cloud. But now, what is bitcoin mining? Bitcoin mining is done with hardware. This hardware is expensive and it comes with a price tag that is difficult to pay. And with it comes extra charges as it consumes a lot of power and draws a lot of electricity from the outlets. It also gives out a lot of heat that warms up your walls.


Cloud Mining is basically all about the process of buying the power from data centers who have their own hardware and software to mine cryptocurrency on our behalf. The key features to this approach are


  1. You do not need powerful hardware for mining.


  1. You do not have to get in-depth knowledge of mining.


  1. No system overheat and extra noise.


There are many companies that provide the hardware and equipment from the data centers to you for this purpose. In this article, we are going to talk about such cloud mining companies.


1. Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is one of the topmost cloud mining organization. It has authentic data centers at various locations. You can mine all the major and legal cryptocurrencies. For which, there are individual contracts for each cryptocurrency that has least maintenance fees. The website allows you to use the payout section anytime where you can monitor and see your daily activities of the plan you have opted for.


Sign Up for Genesis Here

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2. HashFlare


HashFlare is also a cloud mining service provider. They make the crypto mining available for anyone even though the person is low on budget. This means, anyone and everyone can get a contract for small scale testing also. HashFlare has an automated designed data center that hosts you to mine cryptocurrency.


Sign Up for HashFlare Here


3. Eobot


Eobot came into existence in 2013. It provides real-time trading between Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and all other major cryptocurrencies. Eobot is the easiest and cheapest provider for cloud mining as claimed by the organization. They provide immediate results and updates in every 60 seconds to the users. All the details about the Algorithms and contracts are given on the website.


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4. Hashing24



Another name on the list is of Hashing24 that also provides the renting solution for the crypto miners from the various data centers. Hashing24 has its data centers installed with latest ASIC chips, and hardware with air and immersion cooling tech that gives you super performance at very cheap cost. It was developed by a group of experts for the benefit of mining in year 2012. It also has an app that can be accessed from any network from your mobile phones.


Sign Up for Hashing24 Here


5. Bitmain


Bitmain technologies was found in 2013 to develop the centers for bitcoin miners using ASIC chip technology. It is now one of the top companies in cryptocurrency world and it has several other organization under its brand. Hashnest is the fragment of Bitmain technologies. Hashnest has mining farms at various places that results in low electricity and cost.


The website of Hashnest comes with the Payout Accelerated Cloud Mining Contract or PACMiC. It is a contract in that Bitmain has to pay the maintenance cost of mining resources.


Sign Up for Bitmain Here

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With all these providers you can start your bitcoin mining within minutes where you can have access to the best technology for crypto mining. These providers handle all hardware and infrastructure when you do mining. So, start mining now!!


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