Crypto Attacks: Anonymous No More

Crypto Attacks: Anonymous No More


Social media is a very powerful weapon. There are many who use it to share trivial everyday musings, and many who use it as a platform to enlighten others on a variety of topics.

A new breed of social media celebrities are now on the rise. They have and share insider information with all their followers. This generates more new followers and in turn provides the celebrity fame and fortune.

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Anonymous Celebrities: Lighting Before The Thunder!

One of the uniques selling point of Cryptocurrency trading was the fact that no one knew who was behind the transactions. Soon this veil of anonymity became a hindrance to experts who knew of the technology and hence wanted to share information about it with others. Slowly, with the help of Social Media, these experts became Social media gurus who could be approached by random citizens who wanted to know if a particular ICO or coin was worth trading in, dealing in or even mining. With time, these gurus became celebrities and their names became famous in the cryptocurrency market.

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One such famous dynamic duo is Danny Ashton and Amy Jay. Together they are the directors of Ashton Digital. Their company maintains virtual currency portfolios. Needless to say, they have a promising presence on the social media. In a sudden turn of events, they faced the reality of fame.

Based in rural Moulsford, Oxford, the couple reside along with their newborn infant. In a heinous crime, the couple were assaulted by armed gunmen who entered their home forcefully and forced them to transfer their Bitcoins in to the robber’s wallet. They had a low grade security wallet and to further force the couple to hand over their digital asset, they tied up Amy Jane on to a chair and took their infant in its pram out in the courtyard. The unknown fate of his child and the assault on his wife forced Danny Ashton’s hand and hence he transferred his Bitcoins.

This instance happened on January 22nd but was reported to the media only a week later. This is the first instance of forceful Crypto heist.

Thunder, Thunder

This entire instance was unfortunate and must have been a harrowing time for the entire family involved. But, aren’t these social media famous Crypto experts equally to be blamed. What are we achieving by flashing out our identities in this media maze. The one rule and  principle that was set up by Satoshi Nakamoto, was that, one can mine, trade, invest in Bitcoins while maintaining a complete secret identity.

Are we so fame hungry that we are risking our identity and our lives for those 15 seconds? Was Satoshi right in keeping himself behind a acornorm all these years?

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Guess we need to reach our own comfort level to know the answer for that.

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