Crypto-Obsessed? Try these Famous Blockchain Games

Crypto-Obsessed? Try these Famous Blockchain Games


Besides Financial Industry, Healthcare, Real-estate, and Education- there’s whole other world where Blockchain is highly adopted. A world where this innovative technology shows new ray of development for all walks of life to the next level. It’s Gaming Industry!

You must be familiar with the first Blockchain game CryptoKitties that gained much popularity last year. More and fresh Blockchain Games seems to be another locomotive of economic growth and therefore opening the doors for the Global Game Industry.

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Several traditional Game publishers are trying to get into Blockchain games. But with limited technical know how and lack of blockchain talent, there are obstructions to proceed with the projects.

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Moreover, these days we are seeing how Blockchain and Gaming Industry together are doing wonders! Altering the outlook of whole Gaming Industry. Here we have summarized Best Blockchain Games to keep an EYE ON in 2018.

Best Blockchain Games to Watch out this Year

Look out the latest Blockchain-Based Gaming platforms to satisfy your Crypto Craze.

1. CryptoFighters

Following the footsteps of CryptoKitties- the first Blockchain Game, this is another popular crypto collectible game which allows you to claim new fighters each time you win a battle.

Based on Ethereum Blockchain, you have to make your own team of powerful fighters to prepare for arena. You must play at your best to get a unique and vigorous fighter.

You will win rewards and can level up your team by fighting with other players. You can purchase and sell your fighters in the game and you can place bids to procure extraordinary fighters in your team.
Check out CryptoFighters Here!

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2. CryptoZombies

CryptoZombies is just not a game it’s a school that teaches you to build games on Ethereum. The idea is to get the beginners to master Solidity development in an interactive way.

CryptoZombies offers to code their own zombie game where achievements will be verifiable on the Blockchain to generate confidence among them.
It consists six Lessons, and whosoever completes it partially or completely reward is given on the criterion. Rewards are credited on your CryptoZombies account.Designed especially for beginners, so if you have never coded with solidity, this is the perfect platform for you to learn with fun!  Play Here!

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3. BitcoinFlip

This game can be treated as the best platform to learn about the cryptocurrency Market in an easy and hilarious manner. Available for web, iOS and Android Devices (Recently Kicked off by Google though), this simulation game allows you to trade Monero (XMR), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), etc.

The game is footed with real-life prices of cryptocurrency for gaming. This Blockchain-based gaming platform offers a great opportunity to learn about the market, how to trade and understand how market works where the risks are lurked with virtual currencies.  Give this game a shot, here!

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4. Etheremon

With the combination of Blockchain and VR Technology, this game will offer a experience to the next level. Treated as the first game opening an era of Game 3.0. It provides a world full of Ether Monsters (Etheremon) where you have to train, catch and trade with other players. Every battle with other Etheremon Seekers will proffer a chance to earn and collect EMONT (Game Currency).

An Ethereum wallet will also be created where you own your assets and see them operating like in real world!  Check out this game!

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5. KryptoWar

Then, there is another game- KryptoWar. In order to win the game, you have to create your own army and have a battle with other countries. You just have to choose the country you want to fight with.

Once the army gets ready, you have to declare war on your enemy. The winning country gets bonus and other elements for future battles, this game is considered as the most addictive Blockchain game till now.  Want to play this game? Click here!

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Before you get too excited to play these games, it’s important to remember that Blockchain is still in its infancy. So, it’s obvious that there are pretty good chances of gambling to consider when stuff is tradable and have fluctuating values around the games.

This distributed ledger technology is still in its early days, so it will be skeptical to see how everybody adopts to cryptocurrency for gaming.

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