Cryptocurrency Becomes Tracable With 'Tip'

Cryptocurrency Becomes Tracable With ‘Tip’


Every cryptocurrency is decentralized, which means that no one can trace the transaction done in its respective blockchain. Where this decentralized property added many benefits to a lot of users, it also left the governments nervous as they don’t have under their surveillance.

However, the new cryptocurrency named ‘Tip’ has come up with a great characteristic of being traceable. The Tip cryptocurrency provides you a platform where you’re able to choose your desired username, which also works as your wallet address. Here, you don’t have to confirm the hectic alpha-numeric codes before making a transaction. Tip has become the first traceable cryptocurrency that guarantees that you make errorless transactions.

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What is Tip?

Tip is a new blockchain platform that emphasizes on a broader adoption of cryptocurrency. This third generation blockchain is working to bring the digital currencies under the approach of common people by developing an ecosystem connecting the end users and businesses on a network so that everyone can make transactions worldwide. The key to success for Tip is its unique and user-friendly usernames that would bypass the need of keeping the complex alphanumeric addresses. This easy to remember username would not only make your transactions transparent but also let you search for the person you’re looking for.

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What are the features of Tip?

While Tip is an innovative and traceable cryptocurrency, there are a lot features that you may find different than the other conventional cryptocurrencies:

  1. Smart Address: If you’re fed up of confirming a cryptocurrency wallet address redundantly, this is the time to get that address revolutionized. With Tip, you’re now able to make transactions with a simple and easy to understand address instead of those pesky hash addresses. For example, if you’re sending some coins to your friends or family, you can send it to xyz@TipToken instead of 7843xy8dadfd7e89s0zh8yT.
  2. Messaging: This new blockchain technology lets you send and receive messages. You can chat with your friends and family over a secured peer to peer connection. Also, you can send Tip tokens to them in the same chat box.
  3. Transaction Metadata: The arbitrary information attached to your transaction can be used for multipurpose. You can identify the information, get receipt for the payments made, memos for payments and much more.
  4. Point of Sale: Tip platform is one of its kind that lets business owners to setup their POS. With Tip platform, now you can accept payments from your customers in the form of cryptocurrencies. This way, the merchant can not only get the instant funds but also saves the transaction and the bank fee, adding more profit to the business.
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  5. Discovery: Every data on Tip network is indexed in such a way that you can find any information then and there. This way, both customers and businesses would be able to find information by using the wallet and POS applications.

Overall, cryptocurrencies are known to be decentralized. However, when it comes to losing your funds to someone unknown, you would wish to trace it down. With Tip, you can not only trace your transactions but also make sure that you’re sending them to the intended person. Here, you don’t have to copy or type the complex wallet address manually, you can simply use the most convenient usernames as the wallet address that minimizes the risk of committing mistake. With this new traceable cryptocurrency, they’re good possibilities that the government may approve the digital currencies over the world. If you wish to share your opinion on Tip, do let us know in the comments below.

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