Dead Coins- List Of Failed Cryptocurrencies & ICOs Vanished Due To Scams

Dead Coins- List Of Failed Cryptocurrencies & ICOs Vanished Due To Scams


Today we have a lot of cryptocurrencies which have an undecided future! They may perform well today but predicting anything about their future is no less than nailing a jelly to the wall! The crypto market is an unstable place where we cannot say anything about any cryptocurrency! Just like the ones mentioned below in the list! At first, they were thought to be the most lucrative ones that might make you rich, but eventually, they started to degrade and today they are declared dead because of the scams that surrounded them! Do you know about them? If not, then how do you make sure that the cryptocurrency you are investing in, is not a dead coin? Well, if you are keen to know about the dead coins, then you are at the best place to be! Read this blog further and know about the list of failed or dead cryptocurrencies which went missing in the haze of scams. Let’s get started!

1 Avatarcoin

Although it holds rank of 1590, it has been dead for some time because of scam! The code name was Avatar and one of the ponzi schemes. It is claimed that they had bagged approximately half a million dollars in their ICO sale and ran within two weeks of the ICO sale!


2 UnixCoin

This one had an official website as well to prove their legitimacy. They bought up an idea of developing an innovative hybrid platform for investing. Everything was fine, but recently their scam of making huge promises and doing nothing in actual was exposed and their website was officially shut down.


3 Hextracoin

Although things were fishy about this one since it’s launch, people ignored it. It lacked proper information and nothing significant was available in white paper also. Claimed to be peer based network where every computer acts as server, it promised to deliver top notch services. However, when you’ll investigate a bit, you’ll not be able to find even the name of the founder!

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4 Regal coin

Yet another one of Ponzi scheme . This was under doubt since long, but nobody expected it to be a such a huge scam. It was registered in July 2017 but did not mention name of the founder. The default time set was similar to that of Hong Kong and several instances depicted that people involved were not native speakers. It offered no services just asked you to join network which would soon become public and generate ROI. Not long before their scam was exposed, but no one was punished.

Regal coin

5 Bitconnect

This was able to stay in limelight and make a  fool of many for a very long time. they announced that they were shutting down, and offered a refund. But the refund was made according to the recent cost of token which had significantly fallen. Thus, the individuals who had invested in this one suffered a great loss.


6 KYC legal

The platform which claimed to find out and verify the users and the transaction made by them turned out be a fraud. It was developed by a Russian team and was ERC 20 token. They were exposed when no response from them was seen and the site became dead soon.

KYC legal

7 Coin Oil

Though they have an elongated explanation about the things but don’t fall in the trap. This was reported to be scam as after the release of ICO, every social media account related to this went black!

This is not an exhaustive list of failed crypto coins that were out in the market and are spotted nowhere near now! We understand that cryptocurrencies are a point of attraction for several people across the globe, but doing proper research and analysis before investing in them is necessary! We hope that you have not invested in any of the dead coins that . Be wary from now on so that none of your hard earned money is wasted on potential less ICOs and dead crypto coins! What do you think about this?

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