Decred: An Autonomous Currency That Has Stolen Limelight

Decred: An Autonomous Currency That Has Stolen Limelight


Decred or popularly known as DCR is an autonomous digital cryptocurrency. Among several similarities this one has with Bitcoin, one thing cannot be ignored is that its steady. Its growth has been noticed as high as 1600% which eventually made it stand at #30 in market cap. We can definitely say that this one is in a really good position right now and may become the next version of Bitcoin that we need very badly!

Know More About This Interesting Cryptocurrency

There are several things that are better or different than others, so let’s get started and know about the features of this one!


This one has open governance and sustainable funding and development. It uses a combination of PoW and PoS mining system. This makes sure that none of the individuals can dominate the flow of this one unless they join hands together and become a community. It uses Blockchain technology for its operation. It has maximum supply of 21,000,000 DCR.

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Autonomy Is a Self-Created Rule

Since 2016, Decred has endeavored to tackle Blockchain administration. Our creative consensus voting model engages partners and takes into account the consistent change starting with one arrangement of principles then onto the next.

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Build from a Trusted Technology

This  particular codebase offers one of a kind flexibility and can scale to the most recent Blockchain innovation. Decred’s innovation empowered the world’s first effective direct on-chain client initiated agreement vote. This is a progressive way to deal with partner administration where locales coordinate the task and settle on choices together.


It is community powered! This means that no individual can become more powerful by mining and collecting the cryptocurency. People need to join hands and become a community to gain enormous profits.

There are other features as well such as there are smart contracts that work similar to Lightening system. Also, there are smart contract wallets for ease of use.

Decred Community-Powered
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Blockchain Wallets and Exchanges

The Web Wallet is the most obvious still the best way to get started. No matter who you are, every user can access it. In case you are a Windows, macOS, or Linux user, a wallet known as Decrediton wallet is the one for you. Talking about the exchanges, presently Decred is available in number of exchanges and you can buy it against Bitcoin from OOOBTC, Huobi, Upbit, Bittrex, Poloniex, and many others.

How to Send or Receive Decred?

All you need for any transaction involving Decred is an address. Now generating an address is as easy as snapping fingers if you have a Blockchain wallet for this. Remember that the address for this one always starts with a ‘D’ and has up to 36 alphanumeric characters in it. Once transaction is made, funds or Decred coins get clear swiftly(or take 5 minutes or so!). Now there is a small fee which is deducted for every transaction made for maintaining the network. You need not worry as this is quite small and won’t put a burden on your pocket. In case you want to know about the blocks, and will help you with the same.

How Can We Mine This?

There are two ways effective for Decred Mining, PoW and PoS. Let’s discuss about them individually!


In this, transactions are kept in blocks. After these blocks are authenticated by the miners, they become a permanent part of the network. One can become a miner by leasing out spare computing resources and get Decred in exchange. If you seek convenience, then you can join mining pools as well. This way you’ll get maximum profit.


Unlike the one mentioned above, this one needs very little computing sources. Decred reserves are utilized to buy voting tickets on the system. In each square, five tickets from the pool of live tickets are picked aimlessly to vote on the legitimacy of the past square.

PoS includes an additional layer of decentralization to Decred and enables clients to vote on recommended arrange changes. Pools are additionally accessible for PoS to guarantee your tickets are prepared to vote at whatever point they’re called.

Source: cryptovest

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What Happens with the Fee Deducted?

Decred is still new and can be bought with Bitcoin, but the fee deducted makes sure that Decred keeps on evolving. Some plans about which the experts of Decred have started working on are:

Decentralized control of funds, Politeia voting, SPV wallet support, Marketing growth, Scalability optimizations, and other significant development.

We hope that this one continues to grow. As market is highly volatile, we cannot predict the future of any cryptocurrency, but keep your eyes open for this one fellas as it may make you rich!

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