Dogecoin: Your Canine Guide in Blockchain

Dogecoin: Your Canine Guide In Blockchain


So, you want to invest in cryptocurrency? So, you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies? So, you don’t want to take any risks? So, now what?

Well, what you need is a companion. A guide that can help you navigate this maze and helps you to understand which way to go incase of a fork (split) and when to get out when the going gets tough.

Dogecoin: Your New Friend

Such a companion is almost impossible to find in the world of cryptocurrencies. With high transaction fees and alt-coins that have shady origins, it becomes seemingly difficult to find the ideal coin with which one can brave this whole new world.

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We would like to present you with your best friend, who is not only reliable but aims to go to the moon!

Dogecoin! No, you naysayers, hear me out. At the beginning of this year, one Penny ( penny not a whole dollar) could buy you about 3 to 5 Dogecoins. Now, with the amazing surge in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices, Dogecoin has moved up too. One Dogecoin is now valued at One Penny!! You can easily be forgiven by using it as an entry point into the wide world of cryptocurrency.

To get a feel of the market before investing in it, try your hand with this easy to use and practical cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin: More than a MEME!

Lets know more about Dogecoin and the whole process of owning a Dogecoin. Created by programmer Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon. He wanted to create a fun currency as opposed to Bitcoin. He also insisted on generating infinite Dogecoins ( there was once a limit of 100 Million attached, but it has since been curbed) again in direct contrast to the limited amount of Bitcoin. It is based to look like Japanese Shiba Inu  breed of dog which had become popular as a meme. Well, that’s what fame gets you. A whole cryptocurrency modelled on you. Wow Dog! Much Love!

Dogecoin blockchain

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Now onto the process of how to use this cryptocurrency. All one needs to do is create it’s wallet. Log in to select your OS and then run the program that pops up and create a wallet. It’s that simple.

Similarly, to create a wallet to store your Bitcoin, just log on to and start by making yourself a wallet based on your OS.

Once the wallet is created and safely resting in your drive, fill it up with Dogecoin. Trade, make losses, earn a profit even try making a purchase of a nominal commodity. The more you use it, the most proficient you shall become in terms of how to deal with other heavy weights in the crypto market. Learn to keep your wallet safe and your key secure.

In Conclusion:

A little bit of use goes a long way. Be assured that with Dogecoins, you shall not be hit with a loss of staggering proportions in the event of things going south. Before you step into this market, update yourself of its technicalities. A little R&D never hurt anyone.

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