Duplicate File Finder for Windows 10 to Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate File Finder for Windows 10 to Remove Duplicate Files

Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10

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Duplicate Files Fixer for Windows 10

  • A Quick and Easy to Use Software
  • Remove Duplicate Images, Videos, and Audio
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Duplicate files can be one of the reasons for the occasional headaches as they unnecessarily accumulate your hard disk space, and sorting multiple copies of the same file stored in different folders and drives can be more difficult than climbing the Grand Canyon. While the world is approaching automation in all sectors, it would be convenient if removing duplicate files would be automated somehow. The solution would be developing a duplicate file finder for Windows 10.

Well, the good news is that there are certain software that can do exactly the same with just a few clicks. These applications scan your entire computer and provide you a list of duplicate files that can be easily selected and deleted. After using some of the high rated software, I arrived at the conclusion that the best duplicate file remover for Windows 10 undoubtedly is – Duplicate File Fixer by Systweak Software.

Why is Duplicate File Fixer, No.1 Duplicate File Finder for Windows 10?

duplicate file finder process

Duplicate Files Fixer is a cleverly designed software that helps you to erase similar files clogged hard drive, and make space for your new files. Its features include:

Graphical User Interface: A light-weight tool that does not require much of your hard drive space or resources to run. The installer is less than 6 MB, and the time taken to install is less than one minute. Once installed, it takes a few minutes to scan your entire computer and find duplicate files on Windows 10, in the background. It is a convenient duplicate file remover for Windows 10, and the entire scanning process will complete while you were doing something else.

Select a specific location: Although the Duplicate Files Fixer is designed to scan your entire computer, you can customize it to select a few specific folders or a single drive. And if you have some duplicate files present in your computer on purpose, Duplicate Files Fixer allows you to exclude them from the scan list. It also asks for user permission before it removes duplicate files in Windows 10.

Criteria: Once the application finds duplicate files in Windows 10, it provides the user with an option to sort the results on the basis of date modified, date created, file size and file location. The user can then mark all the non-required images, and the software will remove duplicate files in Windows 10. This feature is not present in most of the duplicate file finder for Windows 10.

Supports external drives. Duplicate File Fixer can scan all external hard drives and USB flash disk as well. Just connect any device to your computer, and if you can access its contents in the Windows Explorer then it can be easily scanned and DFF will find and remove duplicate files in Windows 10.

duplicate file finder external drives

Multi-lingual support. Duplicate File Fixer is available in more than 14 languages including Japanese, German and French. This feature is not present in another duplicate file remover for windows 10.

Creates Backup. Duplicate File Fixer is programmed to prompt the user to create a backup of the files that have been identified as duplicates before deleting them. So, if you have accidentally deleted a file then you can always retrieve it, which makes it No. 1 duplicate file cleaners.

duplicate file finder backup

Drag & Drop. Duplicate File Fixer allows you to simply drag and drop the relevant folder on to the software window, and it will remove duplicate files in Windows 10.

Preview files before deletion. Duplicate File Fixer has a feature inculcated that identifies original source copies, and auto-marks only the duplicate files and folders. Moreover, it allows users to browse them before removing duplicate files in Windows 10.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Duplicate File Finder For Windows 10?

Any software designed to find duplicate files on Windows 10, not only can remove duplicate files on Windows 10, but also can take a backup of files before deleting them. There are other benefits as well:

  1. It frees up your hard drive and creates the space you always need.
  2. It is available on multi-platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  3. It scans almost all file types like images, documents, audios & videos, and identifies duplicates among them.
  4. It is smart & automated, and identifies the original and removes the duplicate within minutes.
  5. It facilitates taking a backup of files, if needed, and exporting a list of files that have been marked for deletion.

Steps to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10?

While choosing an application, there are certain factors to be considered like, easy to use, fast and efficient. And with experience, I would say that the fastest duplicate file cleaner is Systweak’s Duplicate File Fixer, which is very simple to use and quickly scans my computer to identify all possible duplicate files. To check the efficiency of the software, I have deliberately created some duplicate files and placed them in different folders on my computer. Duplicate File Fixer detected all those files within seconds and placed the result in form of a list keeping all the copies marked except the original one. Here are a few steps to find duplicate files on Windows 10:

Step 1. Open the application, and you will get the first screen as shown below:

duplicate file fixer opening screen

Step 2. Choose the folder or drive you want to scan for duplicates.

Step 3. Click on the START SCAN button.

duplicate file fixer steps on Windows 10 PC

Step 4. The scanning window has an option to stop the scan process as shown:

duplicate file fixer in progress on Windows 10 Computer

Step 5. The scan result will be displayed along with other necessary information such as the number of files scanned. You will get the number of duplicates along with the amount of space that can be freed.

duplicate file fixer remove duplicates

Note: This software has scanned over 5000 files in my folder, and has pulled out 3000 duplicates which were accumulating an unnecessary of 10GB. It also categorizes the files as per documents, images, audio and video files. It also provides information about the duplicate files like size, creation date, filetype, and location.

Step 6. Click on the Auto Mark button labeled as 1 in the above image. Then, click on the Delete Marked button to remove duplicate files in Windows 10.

duplicate file fixer auto mark

Note: When I clicked on Auto Mark, it has identified five similar files, and marked only four in the first set. Also, in the second set, out of the three similar files, it has marked only two for deletion. This proves that Duplicate File Fixer is a smart and accurate software and one of the best duplicate file finders for Windows 10.

Step 7. After you have clicked on the Delete Marked button, it will start the process of deletion, and you will get a prompt confirming your selection and request.

duplicate file fixer recycle bin notification

Note: All the deleted files will be sent to the recycle bin. However, if the file is located on an external hard drive, flash disk or is on a network drive then that file will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

duplicate file fixer delete in progress

Step 8. Once the files have been deleted, the next screen would highlight the deleted files in red color, and provide you an option to undo your actions.

duplicate file fixer after deletion on Windows 10

Note: The number of duplicate files on the top, and the space accumulated by the duplicate files has been decreased. Also, the duplicate copies which have been deleted have been marked in red and the original file remains as it is.

Step 9. There is an UNDO button which can be used to revert your actions, and recover all the files back from the recycle bin to the original folders. If you press the UNDO button, you will get a prompt confirming your actions.

duplicate file fixer undo recycle bin

Step 10. If you click on Yes, then the files will be restored, and the screen will appear the same as it appeared after the first scan. There are other options that you can explore if you want to use this duplicate file remover in Windows 10 as shown below. You can export a duplicate file list, clear the cache, mark/unmark all and many others.

duplicate file fixer other options

A Final Word On Duplicate File Finder For Windows 10

Duplicate files have always been a nuisance since digitization and compression of files has been possible. Accumulating duplicate files is not intentional but happens as we use more and more social media applications. With Christmas approaching ahead, I know for a fact that I would be receiving and sending a lot of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages to all my friends across the globe. Most of these messages received in form of Images, Audio, Video or GIFs would be repeated and I would require a duplicate file remover for Windows 10 to remove those hundreds of duplicate messages.

Do let me know your thoughts on removing duplicate files, along with any other ways you follow to do the same in the comments section below. For more tips & Tricks keep visiting Systweak blogs and our official YouTube & Facebook page.

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