Top 5 Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac in [2020]

Top 5 Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac in 2020

Duplicate Photos Mac software

Why Do I Need Duplicate Photo Finder For Mac?

There are quite a few powerful reasons why should you remove duplicate images on Mac, and use a great duplicate photo cleaner tool for your Mac.

  • Having a sorted gallery is no less than a luxury. A smart tool manages your gallery and provides a pleasant experience in going back to the routine.
  • You get to recover a lot of space in your PC which was being occupied by various photos.
  • The pictures are organized in a manner where you can choose to delete similar or exact copies.

Top 5 Duplicate Photo Finder For Mac in 2020

Here is the list of the best duplicate photo cleaner apps for Mac

List of Contents

  • 1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro
  • 2. Duplicate File Finder Remover
  • 3. Gemini 2
  • 4. PhotoSweeper X
  • 5. Cisdem Duplicate Finder +

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

A software that compiles all the required tools in one go is Duplicate Photos Fixer. Why so? It is because of the smart scanning ability based on the matching level we choose. When you capture so many pictures at a time in order to get a perfect shot, this tool scans them out and lets you keep the one perfect shot only.

duplicate photos fixer for Mac

Download Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Mac

What Duplicate Photos Fixer Offers?

  • Photos are scanned based on preferences of ‘Exact match’ or ‘Similar Match’.
  • You get to select the matching level of pictures using an in-built matching meter. Similarly, you can select GPS coordinates that are detected through embedded coordinates.
  • This duplicate photos cleaner is known for quick speed and efficient real-time results.
  • Various settings for image comparison, regardless of image size and format available.
  • Auto-marks the duplicates, and you can choose to delete the ones not required accordingly. Yes, it removes duplicate images on Mac.

2. Duplicate File Finder Remover

Get some more disk space once again using Duplicate File Finder Remover that itself is an essential duplicate photo finder for Mac. It works in 3 major steps. Select the folder for scan > select the duplicates > review and remove them.

Duplicate File Finder Remover

What Duplicate File Finder Remover Offers?

  • It contains a fast scan algorithm that is capable of scanning multiple folders at the same time. It also supports external drivers and mounted networks.
  • Sorts duplicates by the name of size, name, date, total size, type, etc.
  • Auto-select rules can also be customized in-between ‘always select’ or ‘never select’.
  • Before the files are removed, a list of authorization will appear and you can choose to remove duplicate images on Mac then.

3. Gemini 2

Find duplicates or similar very easy and quick with Gemini 2 which is certainly an amazing duplicate photos cleaner. You can get your gigabytes of disk space free by letting Gemini 2 identify, and delete those pictures which are not even required to be present.

Gemini 2

What Gemini 2 Offers?

  • It works as not just a photo finder, but also other files like music, documents, etc. similar to Duplicate files fixer.
  • A sleek space-themed designed software that is easily navigable and you can easily spot the duplicate photos without a hassle.
  • If you think a wrong duplicate has been deleted, never mind and put it back with one single click.

4. PhotoSweeper X

You take a series of pictures without cluttering the space on your Mac and put Photosweeper X at work. This tool can analyze the libraries and declutters your collection in a few moments. Not just you can drag and drop folders here, add more photos from iPhoto, Aperture, or Lightroom later.

PhotoSweeper X

What PhotoSweeper X Offers?

  • Side to side comparison of a group of photos on the large screen so that no confusion appears before removing duplicate images on Mac.
  • This duplicate photo finder for Mac has high work speed and quality results at the end.
  • 3 modes of reviewing results- ‘One by One’, ‘Face to Face’ and ‘All in one’.

5. Cisdem Duplicate Finder +

One more smart tool is here as your best duplicate photos cleaner. It scans even deeply hidden files, including documents, music, spreadsheets, etc. In fact, it can scan your internal or external file storage like camera, flash drive, etc. as well.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder +

What Cisdem Duplicate Finder Offers?

  • Scanning speed for duplicates is pretty quick, and saves your ample amount of time.
  • Classify duplicates in a nice visual chart or tabs.

Duplicate Problem SOLVED

With these Mac duplicate photos finders, you can easily get your Mac space fixed and remove clutter which is not even required in your PC. We recommend Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro as it is built specifically to find duplicate photos, give you an organized library, and ultimate storage space.

Let us also know which is your call amongst all the software above. With that, keep following us on Facebook & YouTube for more updates.

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  • carrie
    I have selected 2000 of the 26,000 photos Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro detected and each time i delta them from Photos, they disappear from the Duplicate Marked Photo file only to reappear in the photo groups from which I am to select photos to Delete. I have marked the same photos for Trash at least 5 times!

    11 months ago Reply
    • Akanksha Soni

      Can you please share your email ID from which the product has been purchased? Or else, please mail your query at for further assistance.

      11 months ago Reply
  • Paridhi
    I have used “Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro”, it finds duplicate images and delete them. Its amazingly fast and user friendly.

    9 months ago Reply

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