Eco Friendly Cryptocurrency Mining: Bidding Adieu To The Massive Carbon Footprint.

Eco Friendly Cryptocurrency Mining: Bidding Adieu To The Massive Carbon Footprint.


Cryptos! You Rebels! You power hungry energy guzzlers! You are the Hummers of cars and your carbon footprint is the stuff of legends. Imagine comparing the power usage of an entire country to power required to mine Bitcoins! Not easily is this infamy earned.

Power Consumption: Thorn Of The Bouquet 

Jokes aside, Cryptocurrencies have faced a lot of backlash for the massive power consumption it does for mining purposes. Irrespective, Crypto Mining, which was once a popular trend from one’s home PC, has grown into a large scale of mining farms! These mining farms use massive amount of energy and as the demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency continues to rise, it too shall become more and more popular.

Hydrominer: An Eco Friendly Solution

For the ever present power consumption issue, comes a unique solution. HydroMiner uses something we studied in grade school and implements it with Blockchain technologies only bane. With this project, small investors join and invest in cryptocurrency mining. They do so by harnessing the power that is generated with green energy!

Our grade school teachers taught us that Hydropower is one of the most effective and cost friendly solutions for energy generation.

With multiple mining facilities that are availing this power, over time, there is hope that it becomes a mainstream source of energy that is utilized for cryptocurrency mining.

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What Makes Hydrominer Work?

Essentially, they are not selling you hashing power. They are selling you electricity. Working on gpu instead of ASIC, Hydrominer is going to mine Ethereum, Dash, Monero, ZCash, Ethereum Classic amongst others. Those that use their platform shall only be paid in Ethereum.  Based out of Austria it has to its disposal, over 3000 hydro power stations. With low energy costs for the sustainable hydropower along with a suitable temperature for mining it is the perfect location when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. In the future, there are plans of expanding operations to Canada and Northern America and Eastern Europe.

In Conclusion: The Future Is Here!

Blockchain Technology has great potential. Along with it, the real application of the cryptocurrencies is like cherry on a cake. It is due to the resources that have been built by HydroMiner that infrastructure for this revolutionary technology is going to grow leaps and bounds.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream but, they are a huge environmental liability. To counter it is imperative that energy for its mining purposes should be drawn from renewable sources. HydroMiner is righting the wrong in this decentralized ecosystem and we support it for that!

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