ETHERBOTS: The New Ethereum Blockchain Based Robotic App

ETHERBOTS: The New Ethereum Blockchain Based Robotic App


If you grew up watching Robot wars (TV Serial) or movies like Real steel, then having a teenage fantasy to customize robots virtually and make them fight wars seems genuine. This dream of yours is now turned into reality with the launch of Etherbots. It is time to recall all your imaginary robots and put them into action. Because your own customized robot will battle in the arena and make you insanely rich!

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What Is Etherbots?

It is a Robot wars inspired game, where you buy and sell assembled weapons on blockchain platform, train them into powerful robots, use them in battle and win unique prizes. Though the app is not launched yet but has already overtaken crypto kitties in terms of transaction. Apparently, it is better to be in action rather than to stare at your cryptocat for hours that does nothing all day.

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Collect Robot Parts and Weapons: Each of the following robotic parts i.e. melee arm, turret, defense arm and body are unique and cannot be replicated. Since, the app is based on blockchain, you have the complete ownership of assets. For now, you can buy these parts on their official website and get reasonable discount.

Build and Train Your Robots: You can construct over two million rare robots using the parts. Each robot can be completely customized and interchanged, that can be used in the battle. You can also sell all your parts and robots on the blockchain platform after the launch.

Battle and win: Once you have trained the robots, you can contest with other robots to level up and win new parts. If you are lucky enough, you might win a legendary gold weapon. Bots compete against each other in battles but winning or losing is based on the user’s decision. The prize can be used to upgrade your robot or you can also sell them in the marketplace.

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Levels Of Etherbots

This app uses the perk tree system, which offers high level of customizability and personalization. The focus of this app to provide a next level of levelling experience that not only engages players but also motivate them to adapt “win more and sell more” attitude. There are two levels in this game.

Account level: Gather experience and unlock awards based on perk tree.

Part level: Add skills to your robotic parts during battle and enhance their combat capability.


Beyond generating value and giving true ownership of digital characters, Etherbots boosts unrestrained gameplay and competition at the same time. In blockchain technology, sky is the limit and this rob-game app is just a small step. Whether, it is in terms of concept, quality or customization, there are chances of improvement. Its main features will be unlocked only after its launch, which is scheduled on 15th February of 2018. Till then, you can share your feedback about presale crates in the comments section below.

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