Everything You Need to Know About YOLO: #1 Social Media app for Teens

Everything You Need to Know About YOLO: #1 Social Media app for Teens

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YOLO (You Only Live Once)—well we’re sure you must be aware of this nomenclature, right? YOLO, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), these are some of the most common acronyms used by the millennials. These buzzwords have become an important part of our conversations, which also make you sound a bit cooler. Talking of millenials, smartphone addiction is on such a rise that now we need apps to manage our time wisely and connect with real world. Social Fever (Android) is one of the best apps you can find online that’ll make sure your real life is not ignored and you can enjoy your life by doing by productively devoting your time elsewhere.

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Well, coming back to YOLO as it’s the latest buzzword this generation, there’s a new social media app known as YOLO Q&A which is trending like fire. Sources have also stated that this app is giving a serious competition to Snapchat and is already breaking all records topping the charts. Yes, you heard that right! Teenagers all over the world are using YOLO application and has become a huge viral across the globe.

Wondering what YOLO app is all about? We’ve got you covered. In this post, we will answer all your questions including how you can use YOLO Q&A app on your smartphone, what this app is all about, what all features it offers and so on.

Let’s get started.

What is YOLO App all About?

To suffice, YOLO offers you an anonymous platform where you can ask a bunch of questions to your followers like taking a feedback, asking something spontaneous and totally out of context or anything that’s probably running through your mind. This latest trending app can keep your entertained 24×7, and especially if you’re a teenager then keeping hands off from this app is almost impossible.

What is YOLO App all About
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YOLO app is trending like fire and soon topped the US charts after a very few days of its launch. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms which is making it even big of a hit!

Ring a bell?

Yes, we’re sure you must be thinking of Sararah, right? Well, Sararah also offered an anonymous platform to users where you could ask anything you want without revealing your actual identity. But Sararah had its own good and bad days and was very soon kicked out of Apple and Google Play Store before it could become a thing as a lot of bullying cases were reported.

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How to Use YOLO app?

Using YOLO Q&A app is super simple! You can download the app on your device via respective Play store. Launch the app and then login with your Snapchat credentials. YOLO only uses your Bitmoji icon as your profile pic and allows you to ask almost anything to your friends and followers.

How to Use YOLO app
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If you liked their answer, then you can also post it to your Snapchat stories or on any other social media platform.

Why is YOLO Insanely Popular?

Agree or not, but a majority of teenagers are suffering with identity crisis. Survival of the fittest, as they say, this has somehow become of the biggest challenges that teenagers have to face in their day to day lives. Whether it’s about getting good grades or to excel in any sport, teenagers are always found struggling with some or the other crisis.

Why is YOLO Insanely Popular
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So, in all this mess, an app like YOLO that majorly operates on the concept of anonymity acts like something that every teenager wants. Teens are always curious about of lot of things that’s going around. One of the most important reasons why YOLO app is trending like fire is the fact that you can ask anything to your friends or followers while being anonymous. And even they can answer freely without the fear of judgement!

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Wrap Up

Before YOLO, a lot of anonymous apps came and flew away before they could rise to topping the charts. But looks like YOLO is here to stay! The app is already trending like fire and has become a huge hit amongst teenagers. So, let’s see how far this anonymous Q&A platform goes. Only time will tell! Till then why not enjoy using this app, right?

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