Eximchain: Blockchain For Smarter Supply Chain

Eximchain: Blockchain For Smarter Supply Chain


Eximchain is a MIT-based project which is utilizing Blockchain technology to enhance Supply Chain Financing. Basically, SCF helps investors in increasing efficiency and reducing risks. Organizations that effectively dealt with this income have reduced their stock significantly prompting to bring down operational expenses.

In reality, SCF (high quality) has verifiably been hard to execute. SCs are vast, complex procedures that include various gatherings all over the world. SCF directly relies on the coordination and adjusted motivators of the greater areas in a logistic system.

This one uses Blockchain technology to permit the consistent mix of SCF with the platforms of small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs). Past SCF, these ventures can likewise keep a track of sourcing to guarantee item legitimacy, precisely oversee stock, and make completely modified arrangements along with the Eximchain SDK.

Eximchain SDK
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What Is Different in Eximchain?

It offers a platform that can efficiently implement “smart contract-based SCF solutions.” Moreover, their ecosystem will help SMEs to get their hands-on pocket-friendly capital source. Also, Eximchain includes a plethora of tools that can find their implementation in the active businesses. Supply Chain Financing is the primary thing that Eximchain will offer and the Blockchain technology will help in tracking and quality assurance. There are other offerings as well such as Supply chain finance, Sourcing and inventory management, and SDK. Let’s discuss about them one by one!

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Supply Chain Finance

The main emphasis of Eximchain is on supply chain finance integration. It gives a transparent insight to SC so that making decision of investment is easier to make! To overcome the issues of SC, it is also utilizing Multi-party dynamic contracting. In this, game theory is used wisely so that every individual connected in the system gets benefited.

Sourcing and Inventory Management

As every transaction will be recorded and stay transparent to everyone involved in the chain, bluffing anyone will not be possible. The delays in transactions will be known to everyone so that they can be prepared for the challenges.


The developers of Eximchain are well aware that every business is different and thus they have given option of customization as well! You can easily personalize your SC solution and keep an eye on the entire process. This also has Private Trade Negotiation and Zero-knowledge Security Layer (ZSL) for secure transactions.

Eximchain SDK implment
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Token of Eximchain(EXM)

Eximchain distributed ERC20 initially, but will utilize the native ones soon. In this, unlike PoS, you can vote off the nodes without considering the amount of EXC they have! The team of Eximchain had set 20 million dollars for token sale. The experts behind this mind blowing blockchain decided to sell only 40 % of that so that they can invest on Hedging, SMEs and early adaptations along with the research.

Competitors of Eximchain

Till date, only VecahinThor and Waltonchain are the biggest competitions that Eximchain might face. As these have command over supply chain and have witnessed good growth over time. There are a few more on the list including Modum, Wabi, and OriginTrail. To make sure Eximchain stands out from the rest, it is working on some other features as well. However, the sector of supply chain is quite vast and can accommodate several others. This way, the users will have options to choose!

Advantage of Eximchain

If we take a look at advantages, Eximchain definitely has a huge market. It this one strives to improve the current supply chain and thus there is a lot more scope for this. Also, it is backed by an expert team in which majority of the people are from MIT. This implies that the it will never have any problem to complete any task which they aim for! We cannot forget the fact that this one attracted plenty of dignitaries without even having a mainnet which is quite impressive!

On the flip side, there is an imbalance in token distribution! This may not seem problematic now but can turn things unexpectedly in future.

This one is trusted by MIT CHIEF, PLUG AND PLAY, OTEC and others, and is available at Idex. In a few countries, it is available at Coinbase, Cex.io, and Coinmama also. You can buy it against ETH.

Advantage of Eximchain
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The Final Verdict

This may look promising, but so does every other cryptocurrency, isn’t it? Therefore, we’ll suggest our readers to use their wisdom before making any investment. Anyway, keep your eyes open for this one as it really has potential to shine. Have we left something significant? Let us know in the comments section below!

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