This content isn't available right now Facebook Error Fixed [100%]

This content isn’t available right now Facebook Error Fixed [100%]

Find the solution of this content isn't available right now Facebook Error message

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There was one day when I saw content on my friend’s page and had an urge to show it to my brother so that he could laugh his heart out just the way I did. He wasn’t available then, but when I once again logged in Facebook while he was present, I received an error stating ‘Sorry, this content isn’t available right now’. I was really annoyed for a moment but decided to hunt down the reason behind it.

Facebook Content Is Not Available

I found the reason , and this is why I am sharing it with you to help you when you get this content is not available right now. So, scroll down the blog and get the resolution of this content is no longer available issue.

This content isn’t available right now on Facebook (Solved)

1. You Might Be Blocked

One of the common reasons could be that the user has blocked you. In this case, not only the content but also his/her profile, pictures and status will not be available.

But make sure that you visit their profile before thinking that you are blocked and bring any strain in between. If the profile is visible then you are not blocked but some other reason is making Facebook content unavailable.

You Might Be Blocked

2.  Logged Out

Sometimes, Facebook makes you log out of your account involuntarily.t. It might happen when you are spending too much time on the internet. All you need to do is refresh the page and if the login screen shows up, enter your credentials.

Yes, you may need to search the same content once again, but this is what needs to be done when Facebook content is not available.

Logged Out

3. Content Was Removed

Do not worry, if you are finding that a particular Facebook content is not available as it might have been removed by the owner of the post. It could be any reason that it was removed or in some cases, Facebook’s own policy is violated, and they remove the content on their own.

Content Was Removed

4. Facebook Is Down At The Moment

After all, Facebook is a website, and it could also face glitches and technical difficulties. Also, it is not necessary that the whole website is down. However, some services due it could hamper.Though this issue doesn’t pop up very often, you can still check the status of services through Down Detector.

Facebook Is Down At The Moment

5. Profile Has Been Deactivated or Deleted

There could be once again any reason for which user has deactivated his own profile by which the content was posted. Moreover, it is also important to note that Facebook keeps optimizing its website by removing profiles every day. Now, the authenticity of a profile or violation of guidelines could be the reasons why profile has been deleted. This content is no longer available can come up due to this reason as well.

6. Changed Privacy Settings

There is a possibility that the post owner has changed his privacy settings after some time. You might have seen his content before he could change it. Once he changes it, the content is available only to those whom he allows to. Options like Public, Friends, Friends except.., Specific friends, etc. are available on Facebook. So in case, a certain Facebook content is not found, Privacy settings could be the reason.

If it is a private group, the admin may allow only the followers to see a certain post. Hence, everyone else who wishes to see the content gets an error, and only followers get the chance.

7. Location or Age Restrictions

It is true that Facebook takes age restrictions seriously and do not let the users below set restrictions to watch the content. If the page admin has decided to keep the content restricted, “This content isn’t available right now “is most likely to be seen.

Location or Age Restrictions

A similar thing happens when Facebook doesn’t allow you to access the content which is restricted in your region. You may try to use VPN for Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android to access the content if restricted by the location basis.

8. Malware Or Bug Intrusion

It might be surprising to know, but some people have made clear that any of the above reasons weren’t responsible for Facebook This content isn’t available right now error. But some of them found a virus in their system later. If this is also the case with you, try out Systweak Anti-malware for Mac, Android or Advanced System Protector  which is anti-malware for Windows.

These tools will also make sure that your device remains free of any malware for as long as you want it to be.


Well, a piece of advice! Do not run after any content after this message shown ” This content isn’t available right now on Facebook “, rather enjoy a life free from social media clutches. Make real friends, breathe fresh air and take a break from the digital world. If you need technical help, consider these steps to free yourself from social media addiction.

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