Newsletter: Facebook Removes Child Exploitation Posts and Aims to Compete With Music Video App TikTok

Newsletter: Facebook Removes Child Exploitation Posts and Aims to Compete With Music Video App TikTok



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Facebook removed 8.7 million posts related to child exploitation, during the last quarter.


Facebook is using AI and Machine Learning technology to proactively curb exploitative content when its uploaded. Although from several years Facebook is using Photo-Matching technique to filter & block circulation of child inappropriate content. However, in improvement to that certain AI & ML techniques have been incorporated to quickly detect inappropriate content related to children and report it to National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The organization works with well-known law enforcement agencies to fight against child exploitation. By developing a software that helps in “prioritizing problematic content”, Facebook is likely to contribute for the same mission.

Company has also altered their policies and put an age restriction to 13 years for using Facebook.

Facebook also took an initiative to specially train their employees about online safety, analytics, law enforcement and forensic investigation, so that they can effectually review the content and report wrong findings to NCMEC.

Facebook has also collaborated with safety experts and well-known NGOs such as Tech Coalition, Internet Watch Foundation, WePROTECT Global Alliance, Safety Advisory Board and more, to prevent child exploitation across online platforms.

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Facebook has vowed to put effective initiatives towards removing extremist and illicit content from the site. The company has rolled out several AI and Machine Learning tools to help identifying images with both children and nudity.

“It’s one of our most important responsibilities to keep children safe on Facebook. We do not tolerate any behavior or content that exploits them online and we develop safety programs and educational resources with more than 400 organizations around the world to help make the internet a safer place for children. With the help of cutting-edge tools, we have removed 8.7 million of posts that violated child nudity and 99% of which was deleted before any user reported it. We have also removed number of accounts that promotes such kind of content and reported to NCMEC.” said the company.


The company is looking forward to applying the same technology to its subsidiary- Instagram App.

Moreover, the company also disclosed a system yesterday that helps in catching users who are engaged in ‘grooming’ or ‘befriending’ children for carnal abuse. The system evaluates the users on certain factors like “How many people have blocked a particular user” & “If the particular user constantly attempts to contact children”. With assistance of NCMEC, such accounts will be permanently removed, and company can prevent additional harm.

In fact, from next month the company will begin developing tools in collaboration with Microsoft and other industry partners for preventing child exploitations.

In the past, the company has relied on the database of ‘users who flag & report inappropriate images’, but now this AI-based automation will help in preventing unidentified content being disseminated through the platform, said Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global head of safety.

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The tech giant Facebook is working to develop a clone of TikTok video music app, which will be known as ‘Lasso’.


If you think that Snapchat is the only application that Facebook copies all the time, well then you are probably wrong. According to several Facebook employees, the company is all set to create a standalone video-music app, called ‘Lasso’ which is specially designed to compete TikTok (Previously known as Based on recent statistics, TikTok which is a Chinese media startup is one of the world’s most downloaded app and has greatest number of teen followers.

Seems like Facebook is little jealous and wants all its teens flock back. Sure, Facebook wouldn’t be worried about losing business, but definitely intends to win back younger users.

With that said, the all new Lasso App will be virtually alike as TikTok in function. Users would be able to capture videos lip-syncing and dancing on popular songs. “It’s full screen, built for teens, fun and fanny and focused on creation.” sources said.

The application will be designed by Brady Voss who is well-known to have worked on Facebook TV.


There’s no as such news for the release date, but Facebook is certainly adding various other ways to share and connect with Music in meantime. Some of which are ‘Launching Music on Facebook Stories’, ‘Adding Lyrics to Lip Sync Live’ feature and ‘Ability to add Songs’ on a new music section on your profile.

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Maybe it’s now the time you should update your Facebook App to get creative with these features, make memories and have fun with your family and friends.

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