Famous Companies using Blockchain Technology Today

Famous Companies using Blockchain Technology Today


Blockchain & Bitcoin born together, proves to be one of the most promising new technologies in the future. Beginning with the Banking sector, where Blockchain is used to send/receive money across borders instantaneously in the most transparent, safe, resistant to outages and an auditable manner.

Be it Education, Healthcare, Real-estate or Gaming industry- Blockchain has helped both organizations & users to attain high quality data and discard the need of any third-party to make any exchange.

Beyond Cryptocurrencies, there are diverse applications of Blockchain. Organizations large and small are testing this technology to become effective & efficient in their operations. But have you ever wondered about what major players have already implemented this technology? If yes, then here’s a list of various examples of blockchain technology used by famous organizations.

List of Blockchain Companies

  • Accenture (In Insurance) –

Accenture in insurance sector

Accenture is a well-known global management consulting firm dealing in digital, technology, strategy, consulting and operation services. It provides Blockchain solutions with its potential benefits for its insurance clients. Accenture focuses on building privately held blockchain (which is used to verify & maintain data like insurance contracts) accessed by only its clients & customers thus strengthening their trust in the company.

  • ABRA (In Financial Services)

abra financial service

It’s the only all-in-one global app introduced with the aim to allow users to purchase, store and spend in 25 cryptocurrencies at once and manage multiple investments at one platform. With ABRA you can buy, sell and hold 25 cryptocurrencies, including (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Ether (ETH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Augur (REP), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Stratis (STRAT), NEM (NEM), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Doge (DOGE), Status (SNT), Lisk (LSK), Dash (DASH), NEO (NEO), Omisego (OMG), Qtum +), DigiByte (DGB), Golem (GNT), 0x (ZRX), Vertcoin (VTC), ZCash (ZEC) and Verge (XVG).

You can download the App here: For Android  For iOS

  • Bit property (In Real-Estate) –

bit property in real estate

Buying & selling of Real estate includes issues like fraud, lacks in legibility and tampering in records. Bit Property uses blockchain technology to speed up exchanges by reducing paper based record keeping. Bit property helps in tracking/verifying/ ensuring authenticity of documents. It works with the aim to create a decentralized society where anyone can invest & divest from anywhere in the world.

  • Spotify (In Entertainment)


Next one of the best examples of blockchain technology in today’s scenario is – The pioneer of the music industry Spotify, which recently acquired New York based blockchain company Mediachain. The vision of Spotify is to settle with copyright and ownership issues by hoarding the entire information of each song with a musical blockchain. Spotify is planning to become a substantial and rewarding platform for artists and publishers by paying them with cryptocurrencies.

  • CGS (In Fashion)

CGS in fashion

Imagine a possibility to witness a garment from the point where its material was selected to its purchase. How amazing it would be if you are able to track the full lifecycle of your apparel? CGS believe in providing information to consumer about the brand they’re choosing from the selection of raw material to its processing to shippers and finally the retailers. To be utmost transparent & traceable, Blockchain helps the organization to induce trust among consumers. Today, several Apparel & Fashion Industry are focusing in using Blockchain for better management of their apparel supply chains.

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  • Gem (In Healthcare)

GEM in healthcare

Concluding our list of Blockchain companies, next we have Gem- Healthcare enterprise.

Blockchain technology companies has a potential to utilize this game-changer technology.

It helps in supporting the whole lifecycle of patient in the form of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which can help in generating health data from IoT-empowered medical equipment.

Gem provides a secure platform for better data sharing between healthcare providers, so that accurate diagnosis and cost-effective care can be given to patients. Partnered with Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Gem enables secure & transparent monitoring of patient’s data without compromising integrity & security.

Blockchain is constantly making strides into various sector apart from cryptocurrencies, it’s amazing to see these developments. Since Blockchain has great potential to provide significant solutions that can alter or replace the existing systems.

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