10 Best Free First Person Shooter PC Games (2020)

10 Best Free First Person Shooter PC Games (2020)

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Gamers don’t fear the apocalypse because they survive battles every day. Quite right isn’t it? If you’re a passionate gamer, then you would relate to this. Gaming takes you in a whole new virtual space where the objectives of your life take a spin, especially if you indulge in shooting games like Counter-Strike, PUBG, or anything of Battle Royale genre. Looking for best PC games of First Person Shooter experience? Whether you want to kill some stress or just looking for a new entertainment source, PC games can keep your glued to your screens for 24×7 hours.

First Person Shooter PC Games
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So, are shooting games good for us or not? The debate on this subject has been going on for ages. But there’s no hardcore evidence stating that playing FPS (First Person Shooter) games can prove out to be hazardous. Some experts say that occupying yourself in arcade games can help your mind grow, improving your lifestyle as it allows you to interact in a community, makes you a better decision-maker, and other endless benefits. So, no matter what they say, keep your gaming spirits high, fellas!

Here are the 10 best PC games of the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre that you can play right now on Windows 10. But before we start our list, let’s get a quick understanding of what exactly the term “First Person Shooter” means.

What are First Person Shooter Games?

What are First Person Shooter Games
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Imagine yourself in an action movie, acting as a lead protagonist where everything revolves around you and your perspective. How does that feel? Impressive, isn’t it? So, First Person Shooter games typically outline around this scenario where you’re in the lead, holding a gun or any other combat weapon with a sole target to kill your enemies.

Best Free FPS PC Games on Windows 10

Let’s get started.

1. PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battle Ground)

PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battle Ground)
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One of the most popular mobile games for the last few years is now available for PC as well.

  • Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) has been winning every gamer’s heart since its very start.
  • It features everything that a gamer craves for from engaging gameplay, realistic guns, and pleasing graphics.
  • With its rising popularity, the makers were forced to make a PUBG PC version of the game, and it has been very well received.

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2. Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone
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Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale video game that is available on multiple platforms.

  • The Call of Duty game series has been there since 2003, providing gamers First Person shooting experience in a war-like environment.
  • With Call of Duty’s popularity and the fact that Warzone was available for free, the game had a mammoth 30 million+ users in the first 10 days.

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3. Apex Legends

Apex Legends
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Apex legends is another battle royale game launched by gaming giants Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn Entertainment.

  • The game offers 13 different legends to choose from as your character, each with unique abilities that set them apart.
  • The maps in apex legends are huge compared to other battle royale games which make its experience all the more different.

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4. Valorant

Valorant - First Person Shooter Games
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Developed by Riot Games, who are known for their free to play multiplayer games, Valorant is another game in their collection.

  • Valorant is way different than the general Battle royale games like PUBG or Apex legends and has a lot more similarities with Counter-Strike.
  • It offers one game mode very similar to that of counter-strike, in which one team has to plant a bomb, and the other has to defuse it.
  • What sets it apart is the character upgrades, you unlock new abilities as your progress through the game.

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5. Crossfire West

Crossfire West
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Once one of the most popular one of the best PC games of first-person shooter genre with more than 660 million users at one point, Crossfire was Korea’s Counter-Strike. Although it failed to gain popularity in the west, it did not stop the game’s success.

  • Crossfire triumphed in the mid-2000s when gamers were looking for an excellent first-person shooting game that brought something new to the table.
  • It provided several modes like a mutant escape, zombie mode, etc. which made it a must-have for every gamer.
  • Although its graphics fall way behind in today’s gaming world, it is still one of the top first-person shooting games.

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6. Quake champions

Quake champions
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Quake Champions is part of the Quake multiplayer game series, which provides a first-person shooting experience.

  • In August 2018, the creators made the free games to play with friends. Despite its popularity, Quake is only available on PC and not on gaming consoles.
  • Quake champions offer several game modes like deathmatch, one vs one, duels, etc. with quite an excellent selection of weapons.

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7. Paladins

Paladins - First Person Shooter Games
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When it comes to free to play Hero-First person shooting games, Hi-Rez studio’s Paladins: Champions of the Realm is an undisputed winner.

  • Paladins offer dozens of hero character selection from different classes such as damage, flanker, front line, and support, each having different gameplay, providing a fresh experience in a single game.
  • You can also upgrade and customize your heroes, and with gaming modes like Onslaught, Siege, and DeathMatch, you get as many chances to try them.

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8. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2
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A game that doesn’t offer much but is still loved by gamers, Team fortress 2 makes it to the top list with its smooth and pleasing to the eye graphics and fast action and extensive strategy gameplay.

  • It offers a few game modes such as move a cart, steals a briefcase, and capture locations with a simple 2 vs 1 team gameplay.
  • It’s comic style, pleasing graphics, and competitive gameplay that set it apart from other first-person shooting games.

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9. Warface

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Next on your list of best FREE FPS PC games on Windows 10 comes Warface. While most first-person shooting games focus on providing combating multiplayer experience, Warface also offers a cooperative mode in which if you complete a mission or play well in a team, you get rewarded.

  • Warface is developed by Crytek who has developed many first-person shooting games, available over several platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.
  • The game offers a class-based gaming approach with shooters, engineers, medics, etc. which makes the game a lot more strategic and fun.

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10. PlanetSide 2

First Person Shooter Games
Image Source: PlanetSide 2

Coming from the development houses such a Daybreak Game Company, Rogue Planet Games, and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

  • PlanetSide 2 is a huge online multiplayer first-person shooting game where you get to face hundreds of other players spread across 3 continents.
  • The game offers 5 classes sniper Infiltrator, the chunky Heavy Assault, with Light Assault, Medic, and Engineer with larger than life combat experience. It is nothing but a spectacle!

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Here were the 10 best PC games of First Person Shooter genre that you can enjoy playing on your Windows 10 PC. We hope now you know where to download the best free first-person shooter games online for Windows 10? Are you a fan of First Person shooter games? Which one is your favorite from the above-mentioned list?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments space below. Also, if you have any other favorite, do let us know so that we can add it to our list. We’d be more than happy to hear from you.

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    Great list shared by you , and Call of Duty: Warzone is one of my favorite one , keep update us with great information.

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    This list is great. PUBG is mine favourite

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  • Gideon Bradshaw
    Great list but I must say planetside 2 is a mmofps and is completely unique in the way that it is a first-person massively multiplayer combat game and I say combat because it is not just a first-person shooter there are tanks and planes and when it comes down to it yes it is a team-based shooter except there are 120 players on each team scattered across the map so I can’t agree on that entry but otherwise great list

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