Speed up Android Device - Systweak Android Cleaner

Speed up Android Device – Systweak Android Cleaner


We all hate slow and lagging Android devices, don’t we? If you’re a hard core gamer, slow devices become a hurdle for you to reach the next stage. If you’re a normal user, you often must be experiencing frequent phone lags & battery drainage problems, after which you have to reboot your phone to get things back to speed. To get out of these annoying problems, install Systweak Android Cleaner instantly. You’ll never have to complain about a slow device again & you’re certain to play more levels of your favorite games, seamlessly.

You no more have to settle for “I-need-to-get-my-phone-formatted” just because it’s damn slow. No more changing batteries regularly just because they drain too quickly. The Systweak Android Cleaner is a clear solution to help you get relief from these issues. Your phone will no longer embarrass you anymore at a gathering because of its ridiculous performance. Let’s have a glance at its features:

Single-Tap Phone Boost: Release a huge amount of RAM, stop all background running services & processes that become a hindrance in your slow gaming experience by tapping “Phone Boost”. We assure you a better device speed with it.

Automatic Cleaning: The Systweak Android Cleaner is injected with a powerful engine that’ll release RAM & stop background running services from time to time. What’s new? Its intelligent engine identifies when your device needs a boost and you can even see the amount of RAM released by enabling timely notifications from the apps’ settings.

Junk File Cleaning: Do you know the amount of junk on your phone which you’ll never need? Or the amount of residual files, irrelevant apks, temporary files, browser data & large files residing on your device? Don’t worry! The Systweak Android Cleaner will show you how much junk is occupying unnecessary space on your device in a click. Cleaning these junk files will make your device feel lighter.

Storage Management: It is quite tough to manage your media files manually. This cleaning app makes the process automated & simple for you. It recovers chunks of storage space by deleting unwanted files that occupy space. You can see all WeChat, Whatsapp and your phone’s media in a categorized manner and also delete the mess easily. Additionally, you can preview all media files so that you can keep the ones you need.  Cool, isn’t it?

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Battery Saver: Wait, don’t get a replacement for your battery too soon. Turn ON the battery saver mode of this app and feel the difference. It minimizes the consumption of those areas that drain battery the most.

Installed Apps Management: Tired of uninstalling apps one-by-one manually? Now, managing every app is just a tap away. You may archive the installation file for future use & uninstall them easily with this cleaning app.

The best part? It’s FREE for a limited time! Get it on Google Play here & fall in love with your Android device all over again! Install NOW!

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