Friday Essential: Horribly Imperfect Technologies That Are Still A Thing

Friday Essential: Horribly Imperfect Technologies That Are Still A Thing

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Many a times one sees some technology in use and wonder, why is this absolutely flawed tech still in existence? In this new day and age, researchers are working on ways to make sure we never have to deal with any technical difficulties. But still, there exists so many technological inventions that result in an unnecessary headache for the user. This Friday, why don’t we take a tour and get aware of techs we need to bid adieu. Read on and know all about them.

1. DVR

Though you can find some of your favorite shows on this, the amount of effort needed in setting it us and then recording is just not worth it. One needs to individually type each letter using arrow keys of the remote on the keyboard that appears on screen, just to write down the name of the show. . Is this tech for real? How and why are some of us still using this? It consumes a lot of time and energy and makes one feel as if we are entering the name in a Morse code! Can’t we get something better, easier or faster?


2. Notifications

The worst distractions of all. We are constantly bugged by advertisements and offers from various mobile applications. Not to forget, these notifications are culprits that lower down the volume of music and interrupt our experience on our device. Though the notifications from apps can be disabled, not everything can be made silent! We definitely need an alternative which can sort this out!


3. Wireless Airpods

Each year Apple comes up with something new! Renowned for its innovation, it seems like Apple has unfortunately fallen off the grid and launched something absolutely stupid. The best example of this is wireless Airpods. The official price of original Apple Airpods is near to $159 which is too much! On top of that, if you lose any one of them, they need to buy a new pair. It seems to be the easiest and fastest way of losing your hard-earned money! It could have been way better if they had thought of attaching string to these small buds, just saying!


4. Extra USB Ports Via USB-C

Another Apple disaster! It is well-known that we need multiple USB ports, but instead of considering this practical demand and providing us more USB ports, Apple decided to launch USB-C. This is extremely irritating to a person who needs more than one USB port! Just imagine carrying dongle all the time along with your laptop, charger and earphones so that you can work in peace!


5. Automated Phones

Yes, they were no less than breakthrough, but were they ready for use? For those who do not know about these phones, these were designed for our convenience and took instructions via voice or any other mode. However, these recognize and detect every breath and gust of wind as instruction. It absolutely becomes worst when you are on call and your whistle or sigh is taken as an instruction!


6. Remote Controls

Unless you have upgraded to Smart Home, you know how troublesome these remote controls can get! We need individual remote control for AC, TV, Music system, and what not! It is more or less like of pile of remote controls at our place on which we have to dive each time to find that one relevant remote!


7. Touch Screen Appliances

Well the touch screens are quite comfortable on cell phones, but they are equally irritating on other appliances of our house. For example, what more you can do with touch screen on washing machines or refrigerator? These appliances are more or less like creepy version of our cell phones!

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8. Analog Audio Cable

These have taken an exit from our life, but musicians still know the struggle. As there are no alternatives, they are forced to use these cables which eventually make crackling and popping noise. Well, nobody needs to know that a musician is plugging-in a musical instrument!


9. Hand Dryers

Have you ever walked out with dry hands after using a hand dryer? We guess not! Nobody has! Manufacturing companies know this very well and then too these irritating and time-consuming gadgets are installed in almost every washroom across the globe! Also, it has been proven that these spread pathogens (disease causing microbes) in the environment, still no visible actions are taken.


10. Car Alarms

They were taken seriously long back! Now nobody cares because they start playing music even when somebody accidentally touches it! Seriously who wants to know at what time their car is touched? It would have been much more useful if it only notified when a thief was trying to break in!


11. Save Icon

Have you ever paid attention to the ‘save’ icon? It is a vector representation of floppy disk! Now floppy disks have vanished from a market long back and yet this icon sticks around! Why? Generation Z has not even seen floppy disk, yet this icon is nowhere near to replacement!


12. Touch Screen on Cars

Let’s get this straight, cars should not have these at all! Why? Because these are distractions that will make you prone to accidents. Anyway what exactly you wish to do with touch screen dashboard in car?


13. Automatic Dashboard Lights in Cars

Those who have these know that this struggle is real! Each time you start your engine these light up! Great! But there is a catch, you don’t know whether your headlights are on or not! Well, we do not want to imagine the consequences of not putting on headlights while driving on a highway, do we?

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14. Phone Batteries That Are Sleek and Less Efficient

Well, what is the point of having a sleek phone if you have to carry a heavy power bank for the same? Wouldn’t it be convenient if we considered performance and efficiency while designing phones? Also, who needs a phone that might break with slightest mechanical jerk and which needs charging every 6 hours?

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15. Curved TV

No doubt, these are quite impressive. But these are not really worth for people who enjoy company while watching TV. The curved edges and narrow viewing angle makes sure you can enjoy any movie or game all by yourself. If you like company, possibly you should invest in something better, not this precisely!

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16. E-readers

If these were launched some ten years back, it would have been much better. But today, when we have reading mode on our phones and laptops, is it really worth? We have access to almost every eBook via different websites, so do we need them?


This is not an exhaustive list and there are several, more inane gadgets and tech that aren’t really ready to go away. However, the most baffling ones have been listed down for you! Hope you liked the list. In case we have left anything, do let us know in the comments section below!

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