Friday Essentials: 5 Memorable Stephen Hawking Appearances in Popular Culture

Friday Essentials: 5 Memorable Stephen Hawking Appearances in Popular Culture

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Stephen Hawking is certainly one of the most brilliant minds of our time and we can’t help but mourn his loss. He is also recognized for his book A Brief History of Time, which was amidst the best sellers in 1988. It sparked a new era of modern astrophysics and made him an idol. A loss of one of the world’s most brilliant Scientist & the most delightful presences in popular culture, has left the world. His cameo roles in popular shows & movies will always be remembered. From “Simpsons” to “Big Bang Theory” we owe him a debt of gratefulness that how he has established the cultural and intellectual bona fides.

Take a look at his most memorable TV & Film Appearances.

1. Futurama (1999-2013) –

Stephen’s guest appearances in the show, teamed up with Al Gore to protect the space-time continuum is totally worth remembering. He even appeared in the video game segment of the last episode of Futurama’s sixth season in Reincarnation. He was an exceptionally good comic actor, with superb timing.

“Are you that physicist who invented gravity?” he was asked on “Futurama.” “Sure, why not.” was one of his famous dialogues.



2. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) –

Stephen remains the only person to ever play himself (hologram of himself) in an episode of Star Trek, in the sixth season finale. While playing poker with Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein was one of his most memorable scene of all time.

Star Trek The Next Generation

3. The Simpsons(1989-Present)-

He appeared multiple times on the long-running prime-time cartoon The Simpsons. During the British Comedy Awards, 2004 he was presented with a one-off toy version of himself in Simpson form by Matt Groening. His most famous cameo performance in the episode, ‘They Saved Lisa’s Brain’, when he paid a visit to Springfield to offer some advice to Lisa Simpson is still fresh in the minds of people.

The Simpsons

4. The Big Bang Theory(2007-Present)-

Hawking in The Big Bang Theory, is like the most widely-known appearances he has been in the hit sitcom. In total, he made guest appearances in 7 episodes. In one of his famous episodes, he was reviewing Sheldon Cooper’s paper and said “You made an arithmetic mistake on Page 2. It was quite the boner.” Stephen was a big inspiration for Sheldon Cooper and the gang, all scientists. The Sitcom even credited Stephen Hawking as one of Sheldon’s absolute heroes.

The Big Bang Theory

5. The Theory of Everything (2014)-

Though Stephen Hawking was not physically present in the movie, his film did bring his incredible life story to a whole new audience of people. Released in 2014, earned US$207,000 on its opening weekend. The movie follows the story of Stephen and Jane’s life, from first meeting in Cambridge, with his consecutive academic successes and his growing disability. His Biopic has received several awards and nominations following its release. So, if you haven’t watch this movie yet, watch it TODAY!

The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking has left a host of appearances across pop-culture, from his inspiring biopic to cameos in various sitcoms, to his ultimate discoveries, he has set up a benchmark for people to live life to the fullest, no matter what. And in conclusion we hope his soul rest in peace among the countless stars he loved so much.

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